Has My Campus activism on Humanism and Freethought been Something?

This is the best I have tried with campus activism. Has it been worth the try?

Read at: http://masenofreethinkers.webs.com/apps/blog/show/23737734-campus-a...

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Answer your own question.  Based on the article associated with the link, it looks like you and others started with an idea, attracted others with that idea and then expanded on it.  To me it looks like your base concept has taken off like a jet fighter at full afterburner!

And I see this as being of enormous importance right now.  The RC church is targeting Africa for growth, I suspect mostly because Europe and the US are becoming wise to its game and angry as well, particularly at the whole priest child abuse business (which I'm personally hoping is the straw the breaks the camel's back).  Catholicism must be fought and to do that, people must become more aware and educated.  Your efforts are clearly aimed in that direction.

Now, what we need in Africa is a LOT more of that.




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