hate crime in tx us soldier dead mention of 'god' like the 'gods plan' -zimm ...


'hate' crime"how about 'mentally ill thanks to religion crime..

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This whole business only reinforces what we already know to be true: that atheists are perhaps the one minority that it is okay to discriminate against, in this case without fear of specific judicial penalty.  I know that it's a repeated line of mine, but is it time to give a call to the Legal Department of the Freedom From Religion Foundation ... AGAIN???

I like PFAW and RightWingWatch too..

I agree with SecularCortex. Let's hope this decision doesn't mean they are not going to prosecute and just let this crime go. The murderer should be in prison for life or sentenced to death as per Texas law. (I used to live in Texas) Since "god and guns" are very big in Texas, my belief is that the elected officials fear they would not be re-elected if they pursued the murder of an atheist as a hate crime.

aha.. indeed. votes over people seems to be par for the corruption course nowdays.. yikes


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