How can you argue with people who think the Bible is the literal word of God, which they believe because the Bible says so?

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Exactly! I agree with that!

James, you know the answer to this one as well as I do: you can't argue with someone who is so married to their delusion that reality is just another inconvenience to them.  In the case of the judge who "mocks god" as the sign above alleges, I would tell those who hold to that allegation that their argument has no legal standing, and issue my opinion based on the facts of the case.

You cant reason with unreasonable people, nor can you discuss rationally with the irrational.

Yes, you cannot reason with them at all. No amount of talking to them will work.

It probably is an old Prop 8 photo but the point I was making remains the same.

I also wonder how many of these same people carry health insurance?  

Isn't buying such insurance an act of denouncing God, as you are told to believe and the Lord will provide and is not any sickness God's will?  

Where was this picture taken?

I googled on "Judge mocks god" and came up with this link....  One sign states "Yes on 8" so it looks like it's the Prop 8 campaign in 2008.  A sign identical to that sign can be seen in the photo section of "" so I suspect that photo is a couple of years old.  I am not the poster here so I can't be sure.

If these douches were anything other than bigots, they'd put as much effort into banning shellfish, cotton/poly blend cloths or tattoos as they do homosexuals. Guess they only read the one verse in Leviticus.

Right -- they do that all the time. Makes me mad how hypocritical they all are.

Jesus save me, I'm in trouble now.  I'm wearing a cotton/poly blend shirt, and I have lots of tattoos.  

Oh cool -- that's from the South Park episode -- right booklover?

They also commit the ultimate sin by going to church on Sunday when, as we all know, the shabat was Friday night to Saturday.  I think Sunday would be more appropriate in any case, as in Latin it is Dies Solis and both Judaism and Christianity are solar-phallic religions.  The trouble is, someone took the "resurrection" too literally since we know from at least one Gnostic gospel that Jesus loved Lazarus and caused his resurrection -- from detumescence.  (These guys had to have been bisexual swingers.  Did you get the reference to homosexuality in "...John, the one Jesus loved most"?  What a camp!)




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