How can you argue with people who think the Bible is the literal word of God, which they believe because the Bible says so?

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They used to be called Cafeteria Catholics or Cafeteria Christians.  They have a tray and they point to the shit they like and swill it all down with Sanctimony '92.  If you look at an orthodox Jew today with all the teffilin and other silly shit, they're just so funny.  So that is a remove from the Christian praxis, which is downright heathen and idolatrous.  The late George Carlin had it right when he pointed out that God must be a prankster or else completely arbitrary: a woman must cover her head in cathedrals but cannot do so in synagogues. 

Prop H8.  Sad that it passed in CA, but the mormons are pretty rich & powerful.  I googled contributions to Prop H8 one time and showed my gay son how his mormon friends' parents were all at the top of the list in our town, with one mom donating $20,000 and her husband $10,000, and this was a pretty middle class family, not wealthy.

Well, Willard can afford to bet Newtie ten grand that he had not said or done something years ago.  If Willard had been fast on his feet, he would have added, "Of course ten grand won't get you much at Tiffany's."

Psuedomorality has nothing to do with civil rights.

People this righteous can become impervious to rational discussion. So lets see... on gay marriage, they stick to the Olde Testament but they set the OT aside in the matter of heterosexual divorce. And they dont even notice the contradiction.

At a barbeque once, when I voiced the opinion that if Christ were alive, he would condemn capital punishment because the essence of his faith was charity and compassion, I was contradicted.  (George II was elected on a silly slogan, "Compassionate Conservative," the hands-down winner of the Oxymoron of the Decade Award.)  At the barbeque, one of the Christers near me said, "No he wouldn't.  Centurians II: 25 says [equivalent of "render unto Caesar" but in a punishment context], so capital punishment is permitted by the New Testament."  I knew better than to launch into a catalogue of Biblical contradictions and absurdities.  I was in the presence of a True Believer.  OK, so I made up the Booblical citation: there's no Centurians I, much less II.  Still, what I am saying is that this True Believer could cite me book and verse of the N.T. that sanctioned capital punishment.  I was left to wonder, "Is THIS why the Catholic Church pickets abortion doctors or at least tacitly sanctions congregants to do so, yet they don't do much at Perry Snuffings.

They can make excuses and reasons for all sorts of crazy notions.

A corner preacher once demonstrated this to me.  I was making a documentary about Venice Beach in L.A.  It was during the Viet War and LBJ had escaleted after warning voters that this is what Goldwater wanted to do.  In photo ops, LBJ delighted in yanking on his beagles' ears, lifting them up to show that "it don't bother 'em atall!"  The corner preacher borrowed the Bible of a passing Jesus Freak and said, "You think you know this book.  I bet you don't know this one...." He found a passage and started reading: "He who passeth by and meddlith with strife not his own is like one who taketh a dog by the ears."  The small crowd cracked up, and when the Jesus Freak demanded return of his Bible and the corner preacher hesitated, a threat was made.  The corner preacher said. "You call yourself a Christian?  You gonna hit me with your Bible, and you call yourself a Christian?!"

Venice Beach in the late 60s was a trip!  I don't remember all of it, though.


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