Hating pedophiles is as bad as anti-semitism.

... according to the vatican.


Turns out, getting angry at priests for diddling small children is akin to the Nazi's hating Jews in the Vatican's eyes.

Yep, they threw out the Nazi argument.
You know you've lost when.

Can we be done with these pedophile lovers yet?

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Holy Shit!! I mean...whats left to say?? Freakin idiots!!
Now we know the meaning of putting the nails in your own coffin.
No, no, SGecko, it's pronounced "Holy See". They mean the same thing, but they sound different.
They fail to mention that it was the Catholic church that fostered anti-Semitism for centuries (and more...they also conducted the Inquisitions), were silent about the Holocaust, didn't ex-communicate Hitler or any other Nazis, and helped them escape from punishment.

Anyone else think he's making up a fake "Jewish friend" in this so-called letter?

What people are doing now toward the Catholic Church is criticizing a group that has immense power that people have been afraid to criticize. That's not persecution; it's the opposite. Anti-Semitism is ragging on a group of people that historically didn't have power. It's arguable whether they have power today, although anti-Semitism is still trendy among extremists of the left and right.

Fuck these drama queens who compare their every minor inconvenience to being put in concentration camps.
If only "concentration camp" meant "a place to send people where they can think really hard". Then maybe we'd never have concentration camps.
Nice. We could use these, but we would have to be sure to define what they were to be concentrating on or it could make matters worse.
Wait, what? How?

I don't recall the Jewish people doing anything to receive criticism that resulted in the Holocaust. I don't think they were mass-raping children and covering it up. >.X
Gotta keep the pressure on the Catholic Church heirarchy. This seems to be their most vulnerable moment in a long time - their exposure to the risk of a 2nd reformation.

Many people in the world must now see the Catholic Church as the corrupt self-serving cabal of hypocrites and deviants that people have long said it was. I know the Vatican will never be made into a secular museum of the Renaissance (which it should be), but I hope the Church influence on politics and social systems can be moderated.

What we need now is for victims of abuse in 3rd world countries to come forward. If we could get the same to happen in countries that are famously traditional family, like the Philippines, and Mexico, and in the Catholic Church's growth market in Africa, it would really be interesting.
Africa is the new growth market for the RC church and as such I doubt it has come under much scrutiny ... yet. As such, I'd be willing to bet that it would be fertile ground for an investigative reporter who wants to explore a new field of study. Lara Logan comes to mind, but there are doubtless others who would qualify.
What about the Catholic clerical complicity in the Rwanda mess? Not to mention the Catholic waging of AIDS genocide by convincing people that condoms are evil. I suppose that just doesn't have the same newsiness as raping little boys.
These dips continue to fall to see the other side of the argument, figuring as always that their shit doesn't stink. For all appearances, they still don't act as though they've done much if anything wrong! When that side does finally catch up to them, it is likely to be with all the momentum, power and fury of a train highballing for Auschwitz. It would be nice to believe that eventually, perhaps as they are being read their rights upon being arrested, they realize that perhaps they miscalculated just a tiddle bit, that ... oh, gee whiz, they DID do something wrong ... or several somethings ... or several HUNDRED somethings ... and can adopt a far more penitent attitude than we've seen to date.
As usual, The Onion nailed this years ago.


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