Hating pedophiles is as bad as anti-semitism.

... according to the vatican.


Turns out, getting angry at priests for diddling small children is akin to the Nazi's hating Jews in the Vatican's eyes.

Yep, they threw out the Nazi argument.
You know you've lost when.

Can we be done with these pedophile lovers yet?

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My favorite is a youtube video by Louis CK (I think it's CK) on the real function of the Catholic Church. It's so head on I still shake my head in awe. Unfortunatly I'm at a computer with old browser that doesnt support Youtube.
Yes, my absolute favorite!

Too funny!
That was a classic!
Such a stupid move, they'll lose even more credibility. They really are out of touch with reality, and not just because they believe in spirits and gods.
The Vatican's a sovereign state. I still say invade it.
I dunno man. Have you seen the pope's Swiss Guard? What army could withstand their siezure-inducing uniforms and pointy sticks?
Maybe they are really super tough because they are so used to getting beat up all the time over the outfits.
They'll eat each-other, as they always do these laundering organized crime groups... at least the feds here said enough in regards to the xtian militia that was planning on mass-destruction/murder... according to thunderf00t on youtube there's reason to accuse the pope of mass murder in regards to condoms and HIV AIDS in Africa.
If they're a sovereign state, then we can just enforce a total trade embargo.

See how long they can support themselves.
AIDS. Condoms. Totally blasphemous. Say that money has lost it's teeth when paired with doctrine of the fictional type(s).

Enter resource wars.



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