Hating pedophiles is as bad as anti-semitism.

... according to the vatican.


Turns out, getting angry at priests for diddling small children is akin to the Nazi's hating Jews in the Vatican's eyes.

Yep, they threw out the Nazi argument.
You know you've lost when.

Can we be done with these pedophile lovers yet?

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Even "the worst person in the world", Bill O'Reilly, called them out - he's also a Catholic. I know why he's a Catholic - he's an idiot.
The Catholic Church seems to do just about everything 100% wrong.
lol... and the story develops.

With the Pope's Personal Preacher backtracking and trying to worm his way out of calling us morally bound people "Anti-semites" (he claims he wasn't trying to say we are as bad as anti-semites, he says he wanted to point out how easy it is to use stereotypes... no joke.), the pope reluctantly adds a message that the church needs deep change, including adding "conscience".

SOURCE BBC : "In his Easter "Urbi et Orbi" address, the Pope said the salvation of the Gospel was needed "to emerge from a profound crisis, one which requires deep change, beginning with consciences"."


... not sure if the church is compatible with conscience.


As usual though, remember actions speak louder than words.
A conscience would require them to take action against those who violate morality.
I seriously doubt they actually will.

But I do hope they prove me wrong.

Toss those disgusting pedophiles into the prisons they should to be in! For the safety of the children!
Those of you who've not seen Pat Condell's latest video need to do so asap.

Always fun to watch. Thanks.
He always says it so well - with absolutely no punches pulled.
I don't find them on his website and they aren't dated on YouTube. What is the title of the one that impresses you so much?

I actually had an argument to a similar effect once, we ended up agreeing that the logical thing to assume was that if an intelligent god existed, it's judgment wouldn't be based on subscription.

But that's for another discussion.
Considering the condition of most of humanity, if an intelligent all powerful, all knowing god exists then he's an uncaring, sadistic asshole.
The right wing christians are truly epic in their ability to twist reason into absurdity. If the lie is outrageous enough it almost seems believable (well, I guess saying the earth is only 6000 years old falls into that category).
What gets me is how they're so quick to believe their fairytale and denounce science.

... all while browsing on their scientifically engineered PC, with a scientifically engineered cellphone pressed against their ear, eating a meal that was cooked in their scientifically engineered microwave, watching satellite TV, with medication in their system to fight off the latest scientifically discovered evolutions of some virus.

Clearly the scientific process isn't a credible source of information discovery.
The earth must be 6,000 years old. When has the bible ever been wrong? lol.

Add to this frustration of their ignorance to their long history of murdering millions in the name of their god, and child rape to boot.
... the fact that they're still around is absurd!

Who the hell looks at a group of people who can't comprehend science, go about murdering millions every few centuries, are led by child rapists and people who like the company of child rapists, and decides : "Yeah, that's the kind of people I want to associate with! Where do I sign up?"
Don't forget, Jesus loved the little children.

As far as pedophilia is labeled a disorder, my understanding is that these people don't have much choice in being attracted to children.

They can however, stop themselves from committing obscene acts such as molestation and/or rape. And whatever the case, they are still children. Adults should have enough sexual self-control to abstain. We can't endorse any type of sexual violation, ever. Would they say that rape is okay, because men have sexual urges?



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