What does the word blessed mean? I ask because i recently popped into a Walgreens and the cashier ended the transaction with have a blessed day! Maybe I was in a bad mood or just finally fed up with christianity being crammed down my throat but I called the manager and politely said not everyone appreciates the cashiers enthusiasm. Ultimately he attempted to tell me blessed doesn't have christian connections at all. It just means  be prosperous and well. Are you kidding me? It means may I  receive blessings from a divine entity. Call me hypersensitive but I am tired of the  constant force feeding of christianity. I ask the manager, what if the cashier had said "have a gay day" or "praise allah " if that  was acceptable. He said no. He was clueless to understand how I don't want blessings from a  divine being. I don't have to go to Walgreens of course but am I wrong that is it  time for athiest to push back and ask  for at least respect. The manager was sort of oh well some guy here in port orange florida got pissed off but the cashier means well.  There are a lot of sad people in the world he said. ( Iassume christians are happier) No she doesn't mean well she is pushing that crap and i am sick of it. I know I  should ignore it but as a cashier she is a representative of Walgreens and if I held up a sign in front of the store that reads " Walgreens says....Have a blessed day" I  would be right. I am so tired of being "nice". I am pushing back. I encourage others not to let anyone getaway with the granting of divine gifts. You  give a christian an inch and they will take a mile with a complete disregard for others. Somehow the cashier  is playing the victim and I know she will play the ...they are trying to take our god  away !!!!!  if I push the issue.

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Someone tells me, "Have a blessed day," I'm likely to come back with, "Thanks, I'd rather not."

It may be ignorance. There are people who have lived very sheltered lives, and believe that if you live in their area, that you believe like they do. If you would try to discuss it with the cashier, i think there might be a long silence on her part. Clueless.
Some ladies say that to me at the mcdonald's drive thru. I really feel that they don't have a clue. 


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