have any of you seen the "book of genesis" in comic like picture format

its an illustrated version of genesis... a church i go to once in a while to see some of my "new testament church ' friends. and they know im an atheist and i happened to come across this book.... there showing it to there children... the things so violent they claim there "god" is so great but this book tells the opposite



its by r.crumb if your interested in this "ridiculousness"

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My local library has it, considering borrowing it to give it a good look through. Heard an interview by the author, he's not religious but thought it would be a good project/ challenge. He also mentioned that there are some massive contradictions in genesis.
Yah, they decry violent cartoons, then turn around and make their violence into a cartoon to make it more appetising to children. Fucking hypocrites.
Ahhh, the world of Robert Crumb, he of Zap Comix, Fritz the Cat and other neat stuff!

That's what you describe sounds like. Would this be it?

My wife bought me copy because I was a big Crumb fan. I think it's great. If there was ever a book that illustrates the stupidity of following the bible it would be Genesis. Illustrating it just amplifies that stupidity. Knowing Crumb, I believe that was his goal.
Like he would have had something ELSE in mind? We ARE talking about the creator of Mr. Natural, after all!
Unfortunately, he isn't giving the rest of the bible the same treatment. Imagine all the atrocities pictured in all their glorious detail.

It shocks me that people would give that to their kids. It's hardly the tamed version for the youngsters you would normally see. I haven't seen much of it, but, I wouldn't let my kids peruse my collection of his other work. I can't imagine the bible is any less graphic.
If that's godly glorious graphic gore for kids you're after, try this.
Hm slightly related to the topic is the Jarusalem Bible illustrated by none other than Salvador Dali.




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