When I go to the home page there are no forum discussions or blogs showing.  Either there's a problem with the website or I've been given the boot.

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Or the home page was redesigned.
OK, so I guess the new way is to click on the black bar at the top ("Forums") like I did to get into here? That seems kinda screwy to me.
That is The Way, Mr. Gunn.
I've got the hang of it!
How can you be in two places at once, when you're not anywhere at all?
I'm a clever lad!
What's the rationale in removing the discussions on the homepage? I found it much easier to dive into discussions before, because several thread titles were displayed, instead of one from each category. Plus, the user's avatar display made it much more interesting visually. Now, you need to click two times before you get to any actual thread (from the homepage). Those little details matter. I know I might get ire for seeming stingy, but I don't know why you'd remove such a convenience for the user.
The Latest Activity felt complimentary to the Discussions, not really a main feature.
I'm with you.
*raises eyebrow*
Well, it'd be nice if they could make the Discussions feature optional for registered users, if the only problem is with people new to the site. But, whatever.




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