Have the Catholic Bishops ordered their masses to show their crosses to drown out the atheists?


Wherever I go I am seeing a large increase in the displays of Roman Catholic crucifixes particularly in cars or on women's jewelry as though the US Conference of Catholic Bishops ordered their masses to drown out and suppress atheism by a dramatic show of their numbers in the population.  This is more evidence that this Church is running an internal dictatorship within our country and directing its members to act in concert against the rights and freedoms of individuals it disagrees with.

Could this be illegal? It would seem so if they are in fact extorting their members with threats of ostracism or Hell to do this.  It wouldn't surprise me in the least if they are. Could they ever be prosecuted for it if we could prove it? I'm sure they would be the first prosecute the secular if any nonbelievers did the same.  After all, wasn't the anti-Communist witch hunt started by a devout Roman Catholic, Sen. Joseph McCarthy, at the insistence of his clergy back in the 1950s?

The only way to battle something like this is with information and the press. Publicize the possibility that this is what is going down and let them provide evidence that it is untrue.  Meanwhile those that are experiencing anything similar should speak up and if enough do perhaps one of us should start a petition to condemn it.  Would it be legal to do so? 

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Loyal devout Catholics would "believe" anything their Bishops told them to if they said it was for the welfare of the Church. They would deny that 2 + 2 = 4 or that we were living in United States if they were ordered to. This shows how deep and serious this sickness is.  It is just a tiny step away from committing atrocity and murder. All of us should make sure that the rest of the world knows what this religion is capable of today in 2015.

It's currently illegal to wear a crucifix in a public school, but not in public generally. I think this is wise as it would encroach on people's civil rights. A worldview, or belief, no matter how misguided, should be I think, if not respected, then accepted. The rights of people to think whatever they like about the unknown is fundamental to the wellbeing of all. Indoctrination and intolerance is a different matter, but where do we draw the line concerning display? Do we stop youngsters wearing T shirts with a logo that doesn't seem to us to be appropriate for public display? Of course not. We accept that these likes and dislikes are our personal biases and should have only marginal influence on others.

I get panned regularly for displaying irreligious caricatures on my face Facebook page, but nobody doubts my right to do it.     

I see the point but see also a can of worms here. My thoughts on the matter are expressed very well by Gerarld Payne in his reply. If we approach the subject any differently we just have more insanity.

Ah, yes. The one true faith. At best it's a roller coaster ride and if you have any problems just get on a different roller coaster. These people can prove their faith in an unbroken line all the way back to John the Baptist if necessary. (Why him?) If you talk to them they will "prove" all this to you. I still remember the time when a man died in one of our church services, but he left the church later because nobody would declare that he was actually dead and god brought him back to life. He must have been a very important man of the one true faith.

Spare a thought for L Ross he had an axe stuck in his front door. I don't think it was a Christmas present.

OK, I Googled L Ross and found nothing helpful. Tell us the story or the citation, please.

L ross was on AN last week looking for information with a view to moving house due to an axe being imbedded in his front door by a couple of Christians. I think if you scroll down Joan you'll find the post.


Yes that darn devotion that Catholics have. They take some parts of the bible literally and others figuratively but they like to practice cannibalism. Here is also a link that is watching what the are doing with the hospitals that they are running: http://catholicwatch.org/




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