Have the members of atheist nexus ever had a convention?

I think that it would be a fun possibility!

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That's a good idea.

It would be a good idea, if in contrast to expensive events like the TAM, it could me made affordable for all people.   Like on a campground in a warm climate or in hostels in a cheap country.  

I've bee on Nexus for most of its history.  There has not been a Nexus Convention.   I agree it would be cool.  How about doing it in Atlanta?  Br. Richard lives there.  I've never been to Atlanta.


I would not be able to attend such a convention, unless it was in Pune, my Indian city. (It would be as good a venue as any). Nevertheless, I would like to know the proposed agenda for the convention. I am not much sure what a convention can achieve in terms propogating atheism, but if it can do something about it, then I believe that the venue should be in India, not U.S. The U.S. atheism has leaders like Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett and others, while atheism in India is still in an infant stage. Indian atheism is thousands of years old but people of India do not know about it. An atheist convention would be good to tell them of the roots of atheism in their own country.


Maybe Dallas would be good.  Or Austin.  More central in the US - not sure about the international aspecct tho.  the Texas contingent seems to be growing by leaps and bounds...

The big challenges would involve organizing.  There might be people who have that sort or talent or experience.  ANd the board of AN would need to be behind it.

If we have a physical convention, it would be important to also ensure that we use electronic media to create a "virtual" convention as well since Nexus is an international website. 

This could involve streaming video, liveblogging, chat, skype, etc.

That would be cool!  Maybe have local groups watching and participating so that there is person-to-person contact while participating in the main convention remotely.

Absolutely. There will always be a good number of people who can't make these types of events (other commitments, money, location, etc). I've found live streaming to be a good way of dealing with this. Skype would work nicely as well, giving the virtual participants a way to participate rather than just watch.


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