Have the Religious Right ever admitted in public about being wrong on any issue?

Just curious about this topic because they constantly make ridiculous claims in the name of religion.

Whenever they're caught out on an issue their usual reply is something along the lines of "why are you Liberals attacking our religious freedom"

The Religious Right are constantly confusing justified criticism with some sort of attack on their right to practice their religion.

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First of all, at some level, the Religious Reich has to know that their statements are at least foolish if not downright fallacious.  But since they're based in their beliefs, any such concern gets automatically pushed aside.  Secondly, they EXPECT to be put down for them and indeed, their savior-guy told them that they are blessed if people revile them and persecute them, etc, etc.  I've actually had conversations with people who were JONESING for such treatment ... and I immediately called them on it!  Thirdly, these people tend to conflate their religious beliefs with their rights under the Constitution; they think they have the right to discriminate against those their religion disagrees with, and in some venues, they do, but not universally.

The bottom line is that they want the rights which go with religious freedom, but None Of The Responsibility.

I don't know if most people/groups have ever admitted to being wrong about an issue. It's human nature.

Of course there can be "new revelations from God", as when the Mormon church dropped its institutional racism against African-American members in 1978. Apparently sexism is still OK.




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