I have a friend, who I talk to and compete with at school. We mostly talk about video games and anime. Whenever we end up talking about about human nature, he would make some sort of generalization, that is usually offensive. Seeing as how he does okay at school, I came to the conclusion that he was just joking, simply to make small talk. He couldn't possibly believe in the hateful things he said. He was just satirizing hateful people, right?

Unfortunately, today, I found out he actually believes in his own bull-. Whenever I ask him anything about gay rights, women, or evolution, he avoids the question and says, "I don't know". For example, "I don't care what happens to those fags." "How do you trust people to know that what they're doing is right or wrong?"(regarding abortion)  "Did you know the devil is a liberal and god is a conservative?"

...What do I do?? Do I take these seriously? He can't be serious, can he? A douche, who plays video games and watches anime more than he studies, who spends his time at a forum resembling 4chan, the haven of stupidity, is making statements about the world and its people based on stereotypes. I found out today that he was indoctrinated by his catholic high school education, and that his dad watches Fox News.
But he seemed so carefree, so I thought he would be more liberal about these issues. I thought he'd have a bigger bullshit-detector than this, or at least have a let-live philosophy.
I hate him now. What would we ever talk about? Video games and anime? I don't play video games anymore and I'm not nearly into anime as he is. I'd just waste my time. I shouldn't have given him the benefit of the doubt when he was making those blatantly idiotic remarks. I should have known stupidity breeds close-mindedness, dangerous ideas and bigotry.
It's just that I've never befriended a person with these ideologies in real life before. And when I did, he was guised under a joking, video-game playing japanophile - someone I could get along with.

..I'm a little depressed now :( It just seems harder to get along with new people after this experience. Maybe I should join a like-minded group at my school (if there is any). sigh...

So did anyone in your life (or just a friend) ever surprise or disappoint you?

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Thanks for the condolence. I just needed to vent. I'll never talk to him the same way, now that I know he stands for everything I abhor.
Yeah, only two more weeks of class, and I may never see this guy again. Time to learn from the experience and move on. Thanks!
Thanks for the advice at the end. In the future, I'll just distance myself a bit from... those types of people. If it ever comes up, I'll just state my opinions, but I won't go into a debate with them, like the way I did today.
People grow up and as a result, grow apart. Its the way of things. Time to move on.
I have a few friends who are quite racist. They are not a-holes about it and will interact with anybody in public. But when there are not any minorities around they spew a lot of ignorant crap. Besides this horrible quality about them, they are the best friends a white guy could ever have. For the first few months of knowing these guys I argued with them constantly about their remarks. Eventually they agreed to never say anything racist in front of me. We've kept a good relationship through all this because I know they are very good people who have been brainwashed since a very young age to believe all that crap.

P.S. They are the norm for people where I live in southern Jersey. Don't come across too many people who aren't this ignorant.


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