My friend came up to me two days ago (March 25) and said that it was me that converted her to atheism. I showed her a couple of books, websites, and some of my favorites on youtube about a month ago, when she asked me about Atheism. I didn't really intend to convert her purposely, we were just casually yapping in my house about nothing and the subject came up. She thanked me too! This is the first person I ever converted!

If anyone has similar or great stories, please share.

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It's not an opinion because it's the truth?

One more data point for the theory that Atheists are not inherently more reasonable than the nominal opposites they tend to mock.


I can't say I've ever really "converted" anyone, although I may have had some impact on their thinking.

I realize this may sound nit-picky but I prefer to think of it as a deconversion process. It does sound somewhat anti-theist but as time goes by theism becomes more foreign to me. Atheism should be the default condition from where a person should begin their thinking process.

Truthfully, while I don't mind discussing the subject with receptive people, I'd rather a person deconvert themselves. Anyone who chooses to face life on its own terms deserves all the credit. Any person who claims atheism is admitting they never had a supernatural experience in their life. I admire that kind of honesty and can, on at least that subject, be proud to be associated with them. Those I least want to be associated with are those who would foist what they know to be a lie upon others. Elmer Gantry types need not apply.

Not yet but I'm working on it.

Daniel your statement is fallacious and an argument from ignorance. No one, not even you  know the thoughts or beliefs of another person.  You seem very sure in your second sentence when you say: "You can never convert Christians to atheists 100%, they will always be some christian in them or at least some agnostic left in them".

But in your last sentence you give way to".I GUESS they have just SEEN STUFF and EXPERIENCED STUFF that atheism can't explain.  

Please elaborate on what stuff they have seen and experienced and why atheism is required to explain it.

yeah.. first they had to run naked through their church

Why would I convert someone to atheism ? I'm not appointed to do it.

I am an atheist and that's all. I don't want to think for others.

Jennifer, I have absolutely no interest in converting anyone to anything. What they think is none of my business ... unless their belief intrudes upon my belief. Then, I will fight like a tiger to end their intrusion. If they want to believe in delusions, that is no skin off my nose. If they want to teach "creationism" or "intelligent design" in public education, they are my enemy and it is my responsibility to stop them. If they believe their religion is better than another's, they are entitled to their opinion, even as not all opinions are equal. 

I agree, Joan.

Umm, we live in America.  Their beliefs are intruding on our lives, every minute of every day.  Until the mainstream theocratic movement in this country ends, I feel perfectly justified in being on the offensive.

Your indirect speech, it makes me think about the politicians. 




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