My friend came up to me two days ago (March 25) and said that it was me that converted her to atheism. I showed her a couple of books, websites, and some of my favorites on youtube about a month ago, when she asked me about Atheism. I didn't really intend to convert her purposely, we were just casually yapping in my house about nothing and the subject came up. She thanked me too! This is the first person I ever converted!

If anyone has similar or great stories, please share.

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I may give someone information that I know, experiences that I value, relate quotes or data from another, but I don't think I have the power to CONVERT someone to atheism.  I'm not even sure that I WANT that ability.  After all, no one converted me.  I came to the conclusion that there are no gods ON MY OWN.

I hope that those who have questions, who doubt, and who are curious about how the world really work are brave enough to dig, to research, and to simply ask.

I won't convert them to atheism.  The facts will.

Yes, indeed. When they can see the facts, think, they convert themselves. Your seeds give them something with which to work. 

When my husband and I both came out as Atheists, my brother in law was still Theist and responded defending his faith. When we talked, we talked mostly about science and we showed him some Neil DeGrasse Tyson and other related videos and he loved them. I don't think it was us that deconverted him, but the fact that he takes time to understand and learn and that did it for him. 

 The road to atheism is a long, lonely & stony one.  About all I have been able to accomplish is to remove some of the 'stones' in people's paths.


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