My friend came up to me two days ago (March 25) and said that it was me that converted her to atheism. I showed her a couple of books, websites, and some of my favorites on youtube about a month ago, when she asked me about Atheism. I didn't really intend to convert her purposely, we were just casually yapping in my house about nothing and the subject came up. She thanked me too! This is the first person I ever converted!

If anyone has similar or great stories, please share.

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Heh, I'm not sure I have that much patience left for her, anymore. Planting that many seeds would require more conversation with her on the topic than I think I can deal with.
"A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path; it was trampled on, and the birds of the air ate it up. Some fell on rock, and when it came up, the plants withered because they had no moisture. Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up with it and choked the plants. Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up and yielded a crop, a hundred times more than was sown."

That farmer was mighty careless in where he was planting seeds. He's not likely to to survive a drought..I don't even want to talk - or listen to someone that dumb.
I have no reason to know if anyone with whom I discuss my beliefs have changed ... I am not interested in changing anyone to anything. What they believe is none of my business. I do, however make my statement when being assaulted with proselytizing. I do have the experience with some family and friends who cannot stay away from religious talk when I appear; it is sort of like their compulsion to convince me of their belief. It always ends in some version of stomping out of the discussion with angry words and their faces looking frustrated or angry. I always have an answer to their reasoning that they cannot refute. My cousin asked me not to discuss religion with her fundamentalist husband and I don't see any reason not to respond to his irrational ideas ... no, I mean attacks. He is no match for my rationale.

My quadriplegic friend relies heavily on her faith and I have no reason to take that away from her. She needs all the help she can get. I do, however, share my views with her when I feel that I have something to offer her.

By the way, I am one of those who does not use the word "atheist" because it implies not + god. How can there be a not-god when there is no god? I like humanist or secular humanist, ideology that espouses benevolence through the use of reason, ethics and justice.
Excellent post, Joan. Hang tough, time is on OUR side. The day WILL come when people put behind these primitive tribal gods.
Most sci-fi I've read doesn't make that prediction. :(
I'm an oold time sci-fi fan. Have read many hundreds, going back over half a century. Come to think of it, I never did either. Too bad Ray Bradbury isn't still 'with us'. That would be even better than the last men on earth theme.
I was arguing with my friend and our mutual friend listened to our pointers and she agreed that there is no evidence. She took the position of agnostic, which really is agnostic atheist, instead of Atheist like I did.
Another friend of mine agrees with me that religion is bad and horrible and responsible for lots of murders but we shouldn't attack because it's their RIGHT to believe it.
I've certainly never converted someone. I have a really hard time talking to anyone at all about my non-religious beliefs since it is such an emotional and difficult subject for most people.
In some of these conversations, however, I've come to a helpful conclusion as to why some people say they're 'sticking with religion' despite my logical conclusions: It's kinda simple, but probably true in some cases... If they step away from religion and they are wrong, they go to their imaginary little hell. If they stay in their religion and they are wrong... oh well! My friend pointed out one day that she doesn't necessarily believe a child is evil and requires baptism, but she would still baptise her children 'just in case'. It was rediculous to me, but insightful as to why some people would never consider losing their religion, despite agreeing how nonsensical it usually is. They're just 'playing it safe'!
In general, I try not to talk about my atheism with my family or friends too much, except when asked. It's just that I end up annoying the people I really really care about since the debate requires one of us to be wrong and the religious person always comes off as silly. :)
After reading here that most people were asked a lot of questions and that's how they ended up helping someone come to their senses... there's still hope for me.
:) I would be so proud to help someone lose their religious superstition!
Pascal's wager keeps resurrecting, much better than the late JC.It presumes that god is stupid & doesn't know when people don't REALLY believe in him / her / it. Count your 'blessings'. You escaped. Over the years, I cultivated many Atheist friends. We have fun, discussing a god who murdered by drowning everyone in the whole world, including babies & small children.n Not satisfied with that atrocity, he murdered his own & ONLY kid ! Talk about a real prick ! He wins that contest, hands down.
Thanks for that! I actually somehow hadn't heard of Pascal's wager before. I don't live in a closet, I swear!!
Yeah, like on the Atheist Experience, they're something like 12 years into the show now, and people still keep bringing up Pascal's wager again and again, as if it was this brilliant new argument they just thought of. Hell, even Irreducible Complexity is old and thoroughly debunked, by now. It got tossed out of court, after being laughed off by the judge. What was that, 2006? 2007?

The problem is that Christians keep running into atheists who don't know the arguments, so the Christians think they're valid arguments. Heh. Then they talk to an atheist who has any experience debating, and it's just hilarious how quickly everything they argue falls apart.




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