My friend came up to me two days ago (March 25) and said that it was me that converted her to atheism. I showed her a couple of books, websites, and some of my favorites on youtube about a month ago, when she asked me about Atheism. I didn't really intend to convert her purposely, we were just casually yapping in my house about nothing and the subject came up. She thanked me too! This is the first person I ever converted!

If anyone has similar or great stories, please share.

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I have not convinced my Catholic husband God does not exist, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. We have been married over 16 years, and I have noticed his Mass attendance has been dropping off more and more every year. So, I am having an impact on him in a positive manner. Only time will tell if it goes any further than that. But, then again he has moderated my feelings towards the Church, I still do not approve, but I do understand what he sees in it.
good job Jenny. High Five.
My best friend and I have always asked questions about the universe and life and this kind of important stuff since we were like 12, but since he is older than me I'm inclined to believe that he was the only influence I had to reject my parent's religion.
As we grew older we where supportive of each other's ideas but I think we became atheists by ourselves and not together, though we have always been there for each other.
Now I'm the one who who has become the more uncomfortable with religion and when we chat he seems to get influenced by my constant complaining and criticizing of irrational beliefs. And he says so: he gets into discussions with his parents and then blames me in a jokey way.
Oh and I've tried to convert my girlfriend but she wouldn't listen, maybe I'm approaching in the wrong way.
I would suggest that you should not try to convert her. Just be yourself. I guess she is an intelligent person and she will eventually realize that you don't need Jesus anymore that she needs Thor. Opportunities to discuss about religion an belief will arise all the time (it's Mexico after all :) ). But always be polite and civilized (she probably will flip from time to time). Also, be well informed.
In that example, I "converted" my (now) wife from when she was my girlfriend. I would rather say that I convinced her, through rational discoursse that religions are mostly wrong, dumb and unnecessary and that you don't need deities to live a good life. She is now more like a pantheist agnostic, and a little more skeptic.

I would also suggest for both of you to see House M.D. The House character is a good example in atheist rationalization.

House: "God talks to him?"
Chase: "It's not psychosis, he's just religious. The only medical issue that showed up on the blood work is low sodium."
House: "No, you talk to God, you're religious. God talks to you, you're psychotic."
Hey, actually House is her favourite TV show.
Really? And what she says about that?
You know, I have no idea what she thinks about the things House says. I don't know if she ignores them or she does think about them. I don't know but I really got to ask her.
Oh, and she also watches Bones, do you know about this show? The main character, a female, is also extremely skeptic.
I believe that with these shows and my constant questioning of accepted "truths" she might star to question her believes herself.
I converted my girlfriend and I'm currently friends with a catholic that is having serioius doubts about his faith.

Great stories everyone.
A religious friend of mine came to realise that atheists were OK people. For a couple of weeks he was checking us out on the Internet (Googling "Famous Atheists" and such-like) but that's as far as it went. He's still a believer...
As a matter of fact I have. My best friend was a devote Christian, as his father was. We were both Christian at one time, however I became an atheist, and started talking to him about it.

He is a very intelligent person, so it did not take him long to 'deconvert', however it did take a lot of counseling to get the fear of hell out of his mind. Now he is a fully recognized, strong atheist - as am I. ;)

It's so beautiful to see the loss of religion in a heavily deluded mind.
I had the pleasure of convincing my boyfriend to go the atheist way of thinking. He may have been a bit of an agnostic to begin with though. He wore a cross around his neck that admittedly bothered me though. Fortunately he is an intelligent person and a bit of a free thinker as well so this may have made it a bit easier for me. However, he read the God Delusion on my recommendation to begin with. Initially he found it uncomfortable to think differently but as he read and found out more (We read pages from Sam Harris, Hitchen's) the penny dropped and he started to see the insanity and indoctrination that religion forced on one and he put it all together in his head. He now loves watching Pat Condell videos with me and any other atheist video I can get my hands on. We went to see the movie Religulous together and that also just gave more ammunition against religion. There is no turning back for him now after being enlightened and everything just making sense to him. The fact that he has been enlightened to the truth and has even started coming out to people, has definitely cemented the relationship and my commitment to him as this is a fundamental factor for me in a relationship.




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