Have you ever listened to something, then desperatly wanted to hear it again?

Ok so, a few months ago I was listening to... something, some podcast, I don't remember what it was. And on the podcast they went into like, the invention of religion, bit by bit. like. it was sooo thorough.

They looked at like every event that took place in history through the eye of a skeptic. like, why would someone just make up a god? bam, reason after reason after reason. why would someone make up a heaven and hell, bam reason reason reason. Like, every question you could ask was answered. It was fantastic.

So I wanted to write a paper, basically about that topic. the plan is to explain in great detail "how there can be a Christianity with no god". there are some that think that the existence of Christianity, and their "history" proves there's a god.

I just hate that I can't remember the details they gave. I want to listen to it again with my finger on the pause button, heavily researching what they say...

Oh well, on topic, have you ever listened to something awesome, then forgotten what it even was, and you have no idea how to go about hearing it again?

I mean, if I could remember what show it was I could just listen to all the episodes, that would be simple. I'm not even positive it was something I have though, it could have been on freethought radio or something.

On the other hand, the thought that it could be somewhere on my hard drive isn't much comfort when I have no clue what to search for.

But hey maybe some of you have heard what I'm referencing and can help me to locate it.

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Could this be the podcast your talking about?




Episode 10 is about the origins of religion.  There is an episode on the origins of monotheism, one on the early dissension of Christianity, one on the origins of fundamentalism, etc.

I remember there were at least two people. This is interesting stuff but not what I'm looking for...


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