Have you had any good experiences with religous people?

A lot of atheists have had bad experiences with those of religious bent. I have managed to run into a few good ones like when a catholic understands my views and actually respects them. Though one of the worst was a couple of old ladies coming up to me and the first words out of their mouth was "Have you found Jesus yet?" I told them I am not Christian their response was to yell at me "YOUR GOING TO HELL!" I just blew them off. despite this I have some good ones though. One of my best ones was a simple conversation with a priest as we calmly talked about the differences in our views and why we believed them. I pointed out many of the contradictions and he looked them up right then and there. Two weeks later I ran into him again and he told me he left the priesthood. I asked him why and he told me I made to much sense. He is now an atheist. If I was still in contact with him I would share with him this website.

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You actually made a priest realize the folly of his faith....Wow!
I've actually gotten a Christian to admit that there isn't a difference between faith and gullibility, so that was nice. Also, I've run into a few good Christians during volunteer work. I tend to regard them as good natured, but rather childlike in their intellectual development. Kind of like a mentally retarded relative.

By the way, you must have some sound internal logic if you can talk a priest out of the priesthood! Well done!
Thanks man. When I started telling about the contradictions he wanted me to show him so I just showed him in his own bible. Some of what made decide to leave the priesthood was the moral teachings. One in particular was Lot when he offered up his daughters to a bunch of angle rapers and told them to "Do what you will." Not to mention god punishing and killing children for the crimes of a leader. Killing off a bunch of first born sons because the leader wouldn't release the slaves really struck a cord with him.
You are good!
Anyway,yes i have. I have a friend who is a xtain and some cousins who are as well.
My grandmother is a devout catholic. She is a very kind selfless person. When I was bouncing from foster home to foster home, she fought tooth and nail to take me in. She was really my only positive family influence besides my sister.

Unfortunately, because of my atheism we are not in speaking terms.
I am sorry your not on speaking terms with your grandmother. My grandmother Nesith was a devout Christian and she loved me but she never knew I was anything but the perfect little Christian child. If she found out I was an atheist she would have wrote me off like she did the rest of the family. Nice woman but as you can see I did have my own issues with her. I would have told her about my being atheist but I was the only real family she had that she hadn't written off so I kept my mouth shut about it.
If she has other motives I would suggest you find out. I would just flat ask.
all the time; as long as religion is not discussed.
true that.
I grew up in an Evangelical household, went to an Evangelical high school, went to an Evangelical church, etc.

I know plenty of religious folk, and most of them are good people. Honestly, most of it is due to brainwashing done by the parents and authority figures in the churches. I experienced a lot of their tactics myself. I pity most of them rather than get angry, but I'm friends with a lot of them even today.

Remember that it would be a mistake for any atheist to vilify any Christian or religious person the way they vilify atheists. They're human beings, just like we are.
Yes, I have a lot of time for Quakers, Unitarians, Pagans and Buddhists.
Lots of kids have had really bad sex with priests :-(




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