Have you had any good experiences with religous people?

A lot of atheists have had bad experiences with those of religious bent. I have managed to run into a few good ones like when a catholic understands my views and actually respects them. Though one of the worst was a couple of old ladies coming up to me and the first words out of their mouth was "Have you found Jesus yet?" I told them I am not Christian their response was to yell at me "YOUR GOING TO HELL!" I just blew them off. despite this I have some good ones though. One of my best ones was a simple conversation with a priest as we calmly talked about the differences in our views and why we believed them. I pointed out many of the contradictions and he looked them up right then and there. Two weeks later I ran into him again and he told me he left the priesthood. I asked him why and he told me I made to much sense. He is now an atheist. If I was still in contact with him I would share with him this website.

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I have many theist friends, only the insane and inane fundies nutters get me going.

I have imaginary friends why shouldn't they ? I just don't ask anyone else to believe my delusions and am happy if people don't ask me to believe theirs. Live and let live is fine by me ;-)


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