I have seen it recently and I thought it was quite a good film. The basic plot is about a man who reveals that he is 10k years old, but the interesting part is within :) . In it is also a discussion about christianity and rites vs the message of it and if it got lost or not.. I don't want to spoil you here too much but it is really worth seeing.

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Looks interesting to this sci-fi nut. I put it in my Netflix queue.
"When I was Jesus." XD That sounds like a very interesting movie, but even if immortal, I don't get how he happened to know so many people who ended up being vital to history.
You want to take a moment to think about it? :-P

Hey, if I were immortal, I'd have plenty of time to get to know everyone and their grandmother.
Actually, as I recall he says in the movie he didn't. When asked about certain important people in Europe, he flat out says "I don't know. I wasn't there at the time. I was traveling elsewhere..." He did know some famous people, but he also knew plenty who weren't famous and didn't know plenty who were.

Honestly, it's a great movie if you don't mind movies where people mostly sit around and talk. Very interesting view. I recommend it when you're in a philosophical "what if" mood.
I enjoyed this film, and also recommend it. It's low budget, so don't expect any great production values. However, some of the people who act in it give fine performances. I vaguely remember the first few minutes not hooking me, but once it got going, it was interesting.
low budget, great. i will also put this in my queue.
Got around to watching it. Now I wonder how many people there are, if any, like John out there, especially considering how much we DON'T know.
possible my favorite low-budget movie of all time. I heard about this not because of anything in the movie itself but because the director purposefully added it as a torrent on the internet himself, which i found unbelievably commendable. As i watch it i felt like i was watching a play rather than a movie. may be from the fact it takes place in one room which was really interesting.
i liked it. I don't need explosions to enjoy a movie:) I watched it a couple weeks back on netflix instant watch. I recognized that man from "candyman?" and the blonde guy from some show in the 80's; can't think of it now. He may have been a superhero like the bionic man or something.
Its one of my favorite movies, but no one I talk to has ever seen it.
I like it because it is low budget, simple, and all about the story. Sure, the acting is not award winning, but it is taken from Jerome Bixby's play... and that is what it feels like, a really nice dinner play which lends itself to delightful conversation afterwards.
I just had to look up those actors that i recognized >





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