Glad to see it's still going.


I stumbled across this today: Link


The scariest part of the whole thing is that they're sold out! 


I can imagine how this would confuse anyone looking for information. 


I have yet to watch it, but I refuse to buy it. I'm gonna look for a stream. I have to see in what way they're distorting facts and information. 


One of the primary promoters of the dregg is Ray Comfort. If you're unfamiliar with the name, prepare for lolz.


[Click here if the above video does not work] 

Anyone have any info on this?



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It's hard for me to watch stuff like this. Comedy at best, the "funny" of it all wears off. The "logic" is totally confusing. You see videos with a girl and a dog on You Tube. The girl is astounded that people don't believe in God. She says "look at me. Look at this dog" That is her proof that God exists.

Then we have the creationist videos of "stupid atheists" where their head explodes when presented with the "facts" listed by the gullible religionists. It's hilarious and ought to be the other way around. They just don't get it.

Ray Comfort and others like him say "what the atheists have to answer for is" ----and they go into some nutjob whacko logic. What part of not believing in deity is it that they don't understand?

We are not all the same.

There are lots of inferior christian dumb shits around otherwise Messrs Cameron and Kirkland would not have their careers. A social darwinist might suggest they be rounded up and transported to mega-concentration camps where they can be sterilized, used for scientific experiments or bred for specific labour tasks, like horses and dogs. The general stock of humanity would be improved and people generally would become liberated and enabled to live more rewarding and fulfilling lives. Sure, the legislative framework for such a scheme would be complicated, particularly, bearing in mind discrimination law. A modern holocaust would need to be administered by astute lawyers to avoid rigging, nepotism and endless appeals. As Napoleon Bonaparte says 'Les lois claires en théorie sont souvent un chaos à l'application.'

I do not endorse the above course of action particularly as religious dumb-shits outnumber others by about ten to one and as such the concept is not feasible. Furthermore, religious dumb-shits are an integral part of the world economy, doing the jobs you or I would not consider doing. Finally, the costs would be exorbitant.

It seems that for the time-being we will continue to live and breed with religious dumb-shits to the detriment of our species.




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