Having Surgery - How to reply (or should I) to "I'll pray for you"?

I'm having a hip replaced on 12/4. Everyone who finds out I'm having surgery seems to think it's necessary to offer me their prayers. I don't feel comfortable saying "thank you" for what I think is a total waste of time, but I don't want to just not acknowledge what they think is a good thing.

Any suggestions? Should I just let it pass, or should I respond in some way. A lot of these people are just acquaintences and probably don't realize they've never seen me in church!

I live in a small town and work for Mormans so I have to be a little careful with making my beliefs, or lack there of, known.


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Me,                    (to an aquiantance): "Sorry, busy that day, can't make it."

Aquaintance:        "What are you doing?"

Me:                     "Getting surgery."

Aq:                     "I'll pray for you."

Me:                     "Really? I won't!"

Silence, strange facial expressions, brief goodbye.

Funny, they didn't ask what the surgery was, or even how I was. I think my surgeon is a christian, I was tempted to tell them I was an atheist but they could pray for my christian surgeon not to fuck it up.

My daughter refers to that look as CBF. (Cat Butt Face)

Don't you feel like they just want to make sure you know they pray. Kind of jumping up and down and yelling "Pick me, Pick me!" response. As in what you are going through is of no importance as long as they get to tell someone that they are a prayer.

This time I think my surgeon is an atheist, too. Much more comfortable with an actual man of science!

I just thank people who say they're going to pray for me. I figure it means they wish me well.

Just say: Please don't!

Come and visit and bring treats and reading instead. :)
That it, if you actually want those religious freaks to visit you in hospital.

I once had a nurse banned from entering my hospital room because she spouted religious god stuff at me. grrr.

I'd just smile and say, "I appreciate that you'll be thinking of me."  But if you do fear for your job, you might just say, "thank you". 

"You don't think the surgeon knows his stuff?"

"I will be laid up for awhile and could use help more than prayer."

"Instead of praying for my recovery, pray my insurance will cover the bill."

Or less sarcastic:

"Thank you for thinking of me."

Hey, did you write for advice to "Dear Abby"?  Look for her column today as it's a similar question! I think many should reply to her as she states: "And most people battling a serious illness welcome a "blast of positivity," whether it is couched in religious terms or not."

No, Ceil, that wasn't me. I don't get the paper anymore and couldn't find the column on line. Wish I'd thought of it tho!


Did you add a link?

2 replies... but you never told us how the surgery went???  It's not that we're checking on the efficacy of our prayers, but...  How did it go, K ? ?? ?

Thanks for asking, Mark. I've been enjoying the responses so much I didn't realize I hadn't mentioned that all went well and I'm on the mend. Going back to work part time next week. I spent three days in the hospital and two weeks at a rehab center and I've been home since the 21st. Recovery has gone very well.


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