—”and nonbelievers—” Barack you are my hero (even more than before).

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It was a nice gesture.
I think Barrack Obama might be the most intelligent president you've had in quite a while also ;) I actually saw a documentary about his upcoming presidency and all things he must know yesterday evening. Anyway, does it hint that he could still possibly be atheist in diguise for adding this line?

Btw, can someone link me to a Youtube vid to the speech? I'm interested in watching it.
He's no atheist. But it is encouraging that he made that mnention. He deserves props for it,
Despite my disappointment over certain things (such as Rick Warren), it's encouraging.

I cannot think of a welcome acknowledgement of this sort before now. It's a refreshing advance over "No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God."
Well, if our country has finally reached a point where people want to hear that nonbelievers are Americans too, then all the more reason to celebrate!
Yes! I think our numbers have finally reach a point where we can't be ignored anymore. There are closeted unbelievers in Congress as well. They need to come out and not be ashamed.
non belief is also making good progress in hollywood as well with disbelief in god being repersented in a good light in several new movies and tv shows in the past year - and now in politics

i think athiests have made good progress in just a few short years but let not get lazy but instead keep it up
I agree, but it is worth noting that we are making cultural progress more quickly than political progress.
I agree. We need to do it in a positive way. I like the billboard signs that The Freedom From Religion Foundation put up: "Reason's Greetings" and "Imagine No Religion". This type of advertisement gets people thinking; especially those who have doubts.
and oh by the way obama did say SO HELP ME GOD! when he got sworn in but i guess he didnt have much of a choice in that - providing he is an athiest but unlike alot of athiests i am not completely convinced of that (ombama is a athiest that is) but even if he isnt atleast he is showing athiests some respect.
It's a pity that, only a few minutes after noon, Chief Justice John Roberts was already too plastered to get the oath right.

But for those who think that Obama is a ckiset atheist, the mention of nonbelievers was clearly an afterthought tossed in, and out-of-place with the rest of the speech. Remember, he ended that inauggural address with "God bless you and God bless the United States of America!"
yes, yes, yes, all that. BUT it really wasn‘t out of place. We were included in the group of “belivers”. We are believers too. We believe that there is no god, so it all fit. Obama HAD to say GBA at the end. Atheist leanings or not, he is pandering to the majority of citizens who do have a sooper Power belief. I’d be curious to know how far back that oath goes. Remember, Jefferson was an agnostic (his bible was as thick as my rural newspaper after he pruned it of crap) and I’ll be he didn’t write it.


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