He Sees Women as Handmaids and Sex Objects and is Illiterate at Foreign Affairs

Website discussing Cain flub video:

The five-minute video posted by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has become an internet hit and was linked repeatedly with the tag #cainwreck on Twitter.

"OK, Libya," Mr Cain said before rolling his eyes up and pausing to gather his thoughts after being asked if he agreed or disagreed with Obama's response.

"President Obama supported the uprising. Correct? President Obama called for the removal of Gaddafi. Just want to make sure we're talking about the same thing before I say, 'yes I agree' or no I didn't agree," he said.

"I do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reason – no that's a different one," the flummoxed Republican contender continued, adding he's "got all this stuff twirling around in my head."


Only dogma can dictate these far right wingnut candidates' social conservative positions, which will take rights away from women and the sexual minorities because their Bible says so.  Cain's wifey is co-dependent and in just as deed denial as Herman is.

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Is it me or can't the GOP minions deal with positive outcomes on the part of their opponents?

I've seen immature playground BS in my day, but this takes the taco!

Why don't we watch and see how the theist Muslim Brotherhood behaves first, before we beatify Obama and his policy on this? Seems reasonable, no?

I agree - thanks for the post James! I saw that flub he made on the Internet. It is all over the Internet now. I also noticed that he got his wife out in the public eye so that he can try to appeal to the women voters.

I am tired of these political marriages of convenience.  Look at the clothes that woman is wearing.  She would say anything to shop at the right store.  You have already the ridiculous spectacle of Newtie and Callista buying all of that jewelry at Tiffany's; what, about a million, half a million?  I think Herb has his wifey just as hypnotized as Larry Craig's.  Here is the Tiffany's card, go shop and leave me to my devices.

My god, good thing I've never seen Michele Obama on the campaign stump. Oh, wait. Nevermind.

That video looks like he's channeling Sarah Palin.  At least he didnt say he's a Maverick.

Ah yes, assumptive character assassination. Everybody get on board! The stock in trade of lawyers (the profession which has ruined this country more than any other).

How many states are there? 57. Barack says so. And he's a frackin' genius. Right James?

"He Sees Women as Handmaids and Sex Objects and is Illiterate at Foreign Affairs"


Isn't that a requirement for republican candidates?  I believe its on page 5 of Political Toadyism for Dummies

That fool blockquote button don't work worth snot.

Hello, Jim, giving them the benefit of the doubt, it is their base (a pun, BTW) they must appeal to during the primaries, and yeah, you can bet that the Party has its ducks in a row, planning to get behind the survivor of these bouts (panem et circenses you know) as if nothing had happened, but by then they will be wearing their Middle Masks to coax dumb independents and a few Dems to vote for the likes of a Mormon corporate raider, a man who killed almost more jobs than Bush II.

Like Barack wore his middle mask to hide his neo-communism?

You all must read the same books, corporate raider etc. boring and inaccurate, but hey any big stirring lie in a fight, right?

Fannie & Freddie killed the jobs, no President or corporation was responsible for initiating any of this outside of Bill Clinton. No income verification housing for everyone! Wheee!

I have to laugh at those who accuse Obama of being a "communist". Maybe cite some good examples. It's especially humorous considering that most left-wing pundits and democratic socialists view Obama as leaning more toward fascism than socialism.




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