I've noticed a pattern with identical comments in some new sign-ups to the site.

Be careful if you get a welcome comment with a message to contact a user from Africa by their @yahoo.com email address. And/or - If you accept a friend request, they also send off a second comment signed "Blessings" with further entreaties to send them email because they can't talk about "something" in "public", 

Caveat Emptor

Keep your wallet in your pocket, and don't share your own personal email address.

I've seen this before moderating a very large site, it's almost 99.999999999...% certain to be a scammer.

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Thanks for the heads-up, Rich.

I got a sketchy looking friend request today, pretty similar to what you just said. I just ignored it.

It's reported, they should be dealt with by tomorrow.

Thank you.

What about the other .000000001 % ! ?

They might be good god-fearing girls from impoverished countries seeking marriage to men or women living in western countries who can support and accommodate them and their extended families indefinitely in lieu of divorce and judicial property settlement after such time as they obtain permanent residence and citizenship and therefore cannot be deported to their former country.

I would advise them to look for good god-fearing partners to increase their chances of successful emigration and marriage, but they probably wouldn't listen to me.

I doubt that any here would see it otherwise, however, I'd rather err on the side of "just in case".


Profile's gone.

It's good to see that the people at this site with the power to do anything about problems, are listening.

Good job A/N admins~!

Thanks Richard.  I got a couple.  They smelled suspicious so I didn't open them.




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