Feel free to post other known health issues, or product recalls/dangers as they pop up in the news, in this discussion.

This may be an old notice, but I'd rather get this information out late, than find that someone in the community might have prevented making their cat sick from using these products.

Certain over-the-counter flea and tick product induced salivating, twitching, seizures, and in some instances, death. The brands involved were Adams, Sargents, Hartz, and others and included the popular product "Biospot".

Evidently the culprit was pyrethrin or permethrin. In some cases, owners administered too much product or "split" a dog dose. This resulted in them overdosing their cat. Some cats had been given the proper dose, but were allergic to Biospot.

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Was it the same brand?   Glacier Point?  I bought the Basic, with one refillable bottle.  I don't think I need more bottles because I refill them from the Brita pitcher that I keep in the fridge.  (So the water is already pre-filtered. And cooled.)  I bought the red one...'cause I like it, and I think...hope...cats are attracted to red.


Jack using his Basic Fountain

Sierra BioScience™ offers four models of Glacier Point Pet Fountains™

http://glacierpointforcats.com/instructions.php  (Video)

Our fountains come in Red, White, or Blue.

red, white, and blue fountains


I'm keeping track of how much Jerry drinks from the fountain, and how often he wants to drink from the bathroom tap now.  I really don't want him to drink from that tap at all; the cold water is hard as rocks.


Pumpkin will drink from anything, so we have to keep terlet lids down...got in that habit so many years and cats ago that I can't remember when we did things any other way.


Cats.  *sigh*

It was a different brand. 

When I get a new pet I will have to try one of those Glacier Point Fountains.  My kitty only liked the running tap water from the faucet. 

I did hours of research on-line, and that was the ONLY ceramic fountain made in the USA with lead-free glaze, a 2-year warranty, and a whole bunch of other health considerations.  PLUS, if you have a problem with it, you can call the phone number on their web site any time and speak directly to the inventor.  How good is that?


Most of the other fountains are made in China, have 45-day warranties, and the pumps die on the 46th day.  Or they're made of plastic, and too many cats develop chin acne from plastic dishes and water bowls. A least that's what a lot of customer comments said.  (I sat up all one night going through Amazon, Pet Co, and other big-time vendors, reading customer comments...then the sun came up and I melted.)

Thanks for the info!  Sounds like a great fountain!

Jerry still hasn't quite made up his mind about it.  Yesterday afternoon I saw him warily approach the fountain, take a couple of quick swats at the glass refill bottle, and jump back. Then he walked away from it.  Last night I heard him drinking, but this morning he wanted me to turn the bathroom tap on for him.


The only thing I can do is leave him alone, I guess, and let him get over himself.  He really is jumpy, and fussy about his food.


I wish he could talk.

Another Progress Report.

Both cats are using the fountain!  I've seen them...Pumpkin drinks from the basin part. Jerry isn't afraid of it anymore, drinks from the spout,  and he's drinking a LOT more water than he did before I bought that thing.  I'm so relieved!

Now, if they would just eat the canned food that they loved 2 weeks ago!

Good luck!  Jerry still sometimes asks me to turn on the bathroom tap for him, but I've stopped doing it, and he eventually goes in the kitchen and gets a BIG drink from the fountain.  The manufacturer suggests that you keep their water dishes in place for three or four days...until they start using the fountain...it may take longer...and then remove them.

I suggest putting a small rubber-backed bath mat or something like that under the fountain, because the cats will splash (and sometimes bat at the water stream with their paws).  If there's a puddle on the floor, they won't use the fountain...or they'll try standing in some other spot to get at the water. 

There's NO way that a small amount of water on the floor can cause electical shocks. At least not with the brand of fountain I bought.  They just don't like to get their feet wet...after they've been playing with the water. 


Happy National Cheezburger Day!

Funny Pictures - Happy National Cheezburger Day!

Heads up for Halloween - keep your black cats (and all cats, really) indoors, if you aren't already.  A vet tech working for my veterinarian lost a black cat last year in a really gruesome way. I won't go into detail but it was related to some superstitious Halloween B.S. and the culprits weren't even kids but myth-deranged adults.  Keep your kitties safe!







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