This may sound like a silly question, I have asked this to my religious friends, but when you go to heaven, what all stuff do you do there?

I mean, I guess the first few million years of wondering about paradise, praising Jesus daily, and just hanging around naked would be fun.

When you get bored, I suppose you could view your loved ones who didnt make it, and are suffering in hell, but that would get a bit redundent.


So, what do ya do for those millions of years?

Then the billions after that, then the trillions after that?


Will there be sex? Movies? Books? Beer?! :)

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Oops! I meant to post this in the "funnies"! My bad ;)
I've wondered that as well. Sounds pretty boring to me and then there are all those religious people.

"and then there are all those religious people."


Yeah, imagine the quality of conversation (or nonversation!) you will enjoy for eternity :) 

Maybe it is supposed to be like tripping on ecstasy, except the effects never wear off.


I agree that an eternity of anything would get boring after awhile.  Would you even be able to distinguish between Heaven and Hell after a billion years?  Though, as Camus pointed out in discussing the myth of Sisyphus, perhaps you'd come to accept your mundane fate and would be happy (whether in Heaven or Hell).


Personally, I wouldn't want to live forever.  Give me 80 years or so and then let me embrace non-existence.

Also, doesnt the bible say that heaven will be on earth, after the "second coming", Armageddon, judgement day, and all that when god is supposed to whipe the earth clean and start over? Better not wait to many more thousands of years Mr god, you are going to have an overcrowding problem. I guess he could, say, make the earth BIGGER, or get rid of the oceans for more land mass, I mean, who really needs all that water anyway?

So, when you die, eons before any of this stuff happens, just exactly where does your "soul" go?


Is there some sort of gigantic, celestial "waiting room" or something?


Is this what all that dark matter and energy are? Souls waiting for judgement day?


And what about all the billions of folks who lived and died before christianity?

Were those old gods good enough before christian "tweeking"? The bible says you may have no other god!!


So I guess they are screwed!!?? :)

"Give me 80 years or so and then let me embrace non-existence. "


LOL! you may not think that when you are 79 and still healthy :)

My question is that even after an infinity of reading what would be the only book up there, will they finally see the contradictions and ridiculousness within?
lmao my thoughts xactly

"On Eternity:
I mean, d'you know what eternity is? There's this big mountain, see, a mile high, at the end of the universe, and once every thousand years there's this little bird-"
"What little bird?" said Aziraphale suspiciously.
"This little bird I'm talking about. And every thousand years-"
"The same bird every thousand years?"
Crowley hesitated. "Yeah," he said.
"Bloody ancient bird, then."
"Okay. And every thousand years this bird flies-"
"flies all the way to this mountain and sharpens its beak-"
"Hold on. You can't do that. Between here and the end of the universe there's loads of-" The angel waved a hand expansively, if a little unsteadily. "Loads of buggerall, dear boy."
"But it gets there anyway," Crowley persevered.
"It doesn't matter!"
"It could use a space ship," said the angel.
Crowley subsided a bit. "Yeah," he said. "If you like. Anyway, this bird-"
"Only it is the end of the universe we're talking about," said Aziraphale. "So it'd have to be one of those space ships where your descendants are the ones who get out at the other end. You have to tell your descendants, you say, When you get to the Mountain, you've got to-" He hesitated. "What have
they got to do?"
"Sharpen its beak on the mountain," said Crowley. "And then it flies back-"
"-in the space ship-"
"And after a thousand years it goes and does it all again," said Crowley quickly.
There was a moment of drunken silence,
"Seems a lot of effort just to sharpen a beak," mused Aziraphale.
"Listen," said Crowley urgently, "the point is that when the bird has worn the mountain down to nothing, right, then-"
Aziraphale opened his mouth. Crowley just knew he was going to make some point about the relative hardness of birds' beaks and granite mountains, and plunged on quickly.
"-then you still won't have finished watching The Sound of Music."
Aziraphale froze.
"And you'll enjoy it," Crowley said relentlessly. "You really will."
"My dear boy-"
"You won't have a choice."


Good Omens. 

Terry Pratchett fan much? XD I enjoyed that book, too, though.

I was first in line when he came to my home town and signed my copy of Thud!.



One of my favorite Pratchett quotes:


“And therefore education at the University mostly worked by the age-old method of putting a lot of young people in the vicinity of a lot of books and hoping that something would pass from one to the other, while the actual young people put themselves in the vicinity of inns and taverns for exactly the same reason.”





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