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Well it has been a journey to get here but it seems like I have always been atheist even when as a kid I was raised Roman Catholic, I was always looking for proof and logic to confirm what was expected of me to believe in. Even though my final break from religion came from the sad upheaval and break of my parents I would like to think I would have ended up here eventually anyways.  I always questioned ever since my mind could grasp questioning, I despised the sexist views and the worship of death and violence from a 'loving god'. At university I tried studying Wicca since it was peaceful, Earth loving, and interesting but it felt empty of any true growth and science-less. I desired facts and logic so my journey at the end of my schooling had me tip toeing into the area of Agnosticism. It was the help of my ex-husband who is a chemist/scientist that I strengthened my analytical and critical thinking which he had him step into Atheism first, I needed time to digest a lot of things fairly on my own terms to make it, but with the amazing supply of books by Dawkins, Sagan, and others I shed off the stupid weight of anything remotely tieing me to theism. I thought I wouldn't be able to let go completely, it was scary at first but logic brought to me by those great minds put all definitions of myself at peace. So here I am a 36 year old geeky lesbian woman with a gf and two cats and plenty of artistic creativity and eccentric craziness to go around.

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Hi Jenn! So nice to have you here. I love cats too! I am also geeky/ nerdy. I hope you enjoy the site.
And yeah we would love to see your cat pics!
Love those cats!

Welcome Jenn. From a newbie who also failed to become a catholic (the cognitive dissonance was just too much).



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