Hello there!

I'm Angela! Basically I was raised in the Baptist church. I was extreme too, though as a kid I had screaming fits, mental problems and was not very popular among other children. I never got baptized though, lol, because I would scream at the notion of getting dunked.

Anyway, in college I joined Campus Crusade for Christ. I even wrote a paper in an Evolution vs. Creation class trying to defend Noah's Ark. I was really involved.

Anyway, my major was Zoology of all things. That sounds weird for an xtian, but I loved animals, especially birds and wanted a career involving them. But I could not survive a major in Zoology with my faith totally intact. Too much evidence for Evolution.

Through the years, I gradually drifted further and further away from my former faith. Loosing my mind and having to be medicated really helped things a long, why would God do this to me???

Anyway, for a while, I considered neo-paganism and atheism, not sure what path to take. After realizing that the psychics and stuff really didn't pan out and some beliefs in that area I could not accept, I decided to follow the no God path.

But the problem is my family doesn't know, and my best friend is heavy in the church, a Charismatic to the extreme. I don't know how to tell them

Well, that's it basically, I hope I have a good time here!

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Welcome :)

I'm sorry to hear it may be difficult to let your family in on your life choice.. but I hope one day you'll be able to share it with them. I'm not sure I would enjoy trying to hide such a large part of myself from anyone at all...

Oddly enough, I was raised non-religious, but chose religion later on. I feared telling my family because I felt they'd disown me for thinking I was a nutcase! But, they didn't. Now that I've finally broken free of delusions of grandeur (aka Religion / God), I'm sure they will be equally supportive.. we haven't spoken in years though.

But I don't think in any stage of my life, would I ever want to "pretend" to be something I'm not, even if it is simply by omission.

Even harder than your family is your best friend. Sometimes it can be even harder to go through changes with friends than with family. With family, they are "stuck" with us by blood.. but with friends, we often feel a need to appease them, as they have no reason not to walk away.

I hope your friend can understand, if you decide to let her in on it.





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