Well, my name's Tabitha and I'm a teen girl from Ohio~  most people call me Tab. ^^  I'm a pretty laid back person, and I'm looking for other atheist teens here, since I don't really know any.  I actually joined the site back in the spring, and managed to find it again just now!  I don't know much about the site atm. Feel free to message me (or...whatever's it's called on this site OTL /total noob)! :D

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Hello Tab!


I'm not a teen either, but I'm just down the road from you in Lima.  It can be kind of tough finding other atheists in this part of Ohio, but what's helped me stay sane has been joining online communities like this one. 


Welcome to the Nexus, and good luck in your quest!

Thank you for the replies~ :D

Yeah, it's really hard to find other atheists in this area.  I know 2 others, and then 2 agnostics, but that's it. :/  I don't plan on staying in Ohio after I graduate though, but I'm still /really/ hoping to find some other people to talk with. :)




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