Hello I am katrina, and I joined this site because I was sick of debating with closed minded theists. Everytime I made a statement on facebook, people felt attacked, even though it was just a question, random and a question. I was also deleted off of my sister in law's friends list until I appologized. which i didnt feel i had to do, but she is making my wedding cake.


I am 28 years old, lost my faith when I was 8 years old, when a preacher sat the kids down during childrens part of church and said anyone's parents who are divorced and remarried are going to hell because they are commiting adultry in god's eyes, and i asked even if that person tried to kill the unborn baby and mother, its still adultry, and the stories scared me.


then i went to foster home to foster home different religions and people repenting on sundays just to hurt the rest of the week.


I am done with god, and religion, and I thank my friends for introducing this site to me. I feel very welcome here.


I have 2 kids, and I am raising them Atheist, and if they want to choose to follow religion i will let them. its their life their choice.

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Greetings Katrina!  Welcome to the site.  So glad you are with us.
thank you

welcome aboard!


Parenting skills are debated by all, but the best part of raising your kids while not practicing religion is seeing them actually use their brains.

I agree, they get to make their own choices, and mistakes and have no one to blame or commend :)




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