Just a quick introduction! I'm a member on a few other atheist websites, and sort of stumbled into this one but happy I did. I can't believe how big this community is online, wow.


A little about me, I was raised in a Christian home. I spent most of my adulthood, following the faith. I think that indoctrination as a kid has a lot to do with shackling someone to religion into adulthood. Fear, dependency, control, all tactics used by religion to keep people compliant. I do have good memories, of course. It was my identity for a very long time. Now, I'm 33, and in my late 20's I started discovering truth, as it really is. Not as I was taught it should look like. I read a lot about Charles Darwin's unraveling of his own Christian faith, and followed a lot of his logic to assessing the Bible, and figuring things out on my own. That is something religion doesn't afford a person--the ability to critically think and make decisions.


I love long walks on the beach, and holding hands...oops. Wrong profile. hehe


I try to bring humor into the mix as much as possible. If we can't laugh at life, what's the point?


I look forward to getting to know you all...and if you have questions for me, feel free to ask me in the open or pm. Whatever you like. :)

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Hi! I just joined yesterday so I'm still getting a feel for the place.
My story is fairly similar to yours as I grew up christian going to church and all that. But for my parents it wasn't a big deal to go to church so overtime we just went to church less and less and while my mom or sister may have gone (my dad never did) I would somehow avoid it. I'm finishing up my 4th year of college right now and I never went to a regular sunday service. Just a few easters with my friends. Combine that with years of learning science and math and how the earth really works and I gradually lost what little faith I had going into college. Finally last summer I realized I didn't believe in god at all. Looking back, it took a few years to really let go of my religion but I'm glad I did!

Welcome to AN. I believe you'll like it here. I think the majority of us come from a religious background and took some time to break free so we know where you're coming from. Make yourself at home.


I'm also a new comer here. I've made 3 friends so far. 2 of them have already commented here.

As George said, I'm too still getting a feel for the place. This site is HUGE with blogs, groups, chats, forums, walls. Its a bit tougher for me as I have never used Facebook, and still refuse to join it.

Hey Patricia, that's great to know you don't use facebook too. Do you like reading humour? You might like this one:

Facebook - Uncyclopedia

Fellow non-Facebooker by choice here. Thanks for the laugh!

Many of us do not like or use "Facetruck" or "Snitter." You might notice that I had to sanitize my pet names of them here. Turn the "n" into an "h" and you get the last one. Remove "tr" from the first one and just add that names first letter and you got it.

That's what I think of both of them. Quotes now, "I'm on the run from the law. Here I go past Seven 11 right now." How utterly dumb!

Facebook is basically the largest personal information database.

“Facebook succeeded in accomplishing in 5 years what the CIA has being trying to do for 100 years”
~ Edgar Hoover Jr.

That's what I think of both of them.

Our thoughts match!

Hi, girl, and welcome. Most of us are friendly here.

HEY, Deidre!  I almost said I eat babies and pass the time hating god and harassing christians ... but April Fools' Day was yesterday!

Glad you got here!  Come on in and have yourself a GREAT time!

Anything I can do to help you navigate around, please say the word.

Thanks, but I think credit goes to the uncyclopedians (http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com) I copied that from them. If you like reading humour, you will find Uncyclopedia articles on literally thousands of topics. Its basically a spoof of Wikipedia.

Here is one of my favourites: Flying Spaghetti Monsterism




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