Hi everyone,

My name is Hans Karlsson.

I grew up in a Christian home, and for 30 years I was quite dedicated to it. A couple of years ago, I think it was in 2004 or 2005, I lost all faith in the religion. So here I am. Atheist since 5 years, and I can see any reason why ever go back.

My family consists of me, my wife, five kids, and three dogs. My oldest just moved out (again), and my second is about to move out too (soon, also for the second time). The yoyo-young, a blessing the keeps on coming back. Oy vey.

Currently, my objective is to get a new education, so I'm a 3/4 time student.

I heard about this website just a few hours ago, and decided I wanted to check it out. I might even find some friends here. Friends from some other forums in which I participate.


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Welcome to atheist nexus friend! :)
Welcome! My kids are yo-yoers also. You gotta love this economy!




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