Dear world,
  My name is Patrick Lyndaker, I am 25.  Born catholic, converted to LDS (mormon) around 9 years old then cruised a buffet of religions from my last two years of high school on for about four years till the repeated lack of convincing material brought me to my current non-theistic perspective.  I am always in some pursuit of something we might call truth and really like being proven wrong.  I'm really stoked about the potential for intelligent conversation with like minded people.  However, I am often reserved in conversations with people who have very similar ideas because with out the challenge of opposing opinions you cannot progress much on the road toward truth.  Regardless, I am excited to be a part of this online community.  See you all in the forums.  :)

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Hello Patrick! So nice to meet you! Hope you enjoy the site!

Watch this, it's a start, branch out from there.


   Welcome.  You're just getting started.  I'm sure you will have many questions and comments.  This is the place to share and learn.

Patrick, i think you're missing the most important thing about being here and/or conversing with like minded individuals.  places like AN allow you to flush out ideas more fully.  i often have a thought, and if i didn't have a place to share it that thought simply dies out.  perhaps it still sticks around in my mind, but in order to explore the thought more deeply you need to discuss it.  you could try to discuss it with theists, but you often spend more time debating than you do discussing your idea.  also, this place will present alternative viewpoints that are mostly valid and worth adding to your arsenal. 


i hope you enjoy your time here, and congrats on your newfound freedom.


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