I am Kelly Park.

Writer and Artist doing time in a cubicle nation.

I grew up in a fairly non-religious home - meaning my parents didn't drag anyone to church and really didn't talk about god unless we had questions.  The one question I remember asking my Dad about god was "do you believe in god" - his response was "I believe in a higher power".  So my parents were awesome!

Even though I had a non-religious upbringing - I have still spent the last 20 years or so searching for the "correct god and correct religion" to believe in.  I find the only way I can make my brain have the kind of christian faith I thought would save me is to read only christian books, listen to only christian music, think about only christian things .... I realized very recently that that is what a cult is.  The second I read or think about any other interesting topic - poof my faith vanishes like smoke in the wind.

So here I am.  Honestly I am mourning time lost to "god's will" - words not written and art not created due to my believing that I am where I am doing what I am doing because it was god's will for me to be in a cubicle nation.  The realization that it's all up to me is freeing to say the least.

Hope this wasn't too much of a ramble.  Not enough coffee I think.

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No, clearly nowhere near enough coffee.  Nurse!  Start an I/V caffeine here, STAT!  [grin!]

Greets, Kelly, and welcome to Atheist Nexus!  We got all sorts of people and all sorts of groups for you to explore and enjoy.  Indeed, it occurs to me that I know one group in particular which may be PERFECT for you!

Please have a GREAT time!

Thank you Loren for the warm welcome :)

Bonjour Kelly,

Bienvenue à Atheist Nexus.
Vous êtes invités à rejoindre mon groupe, Les Athées Napoléonienne.
Vous n'avez pas besoin de parler Français.


Napoleon Bonaparte

Bonjour Napoleon,

My college French is very rusty.  But thank you so much for the welcome.


Mindy [booklover],

Thank you for the warm welcome.  I am also a fellow book lover :)

Thank you Pat :)

Patricia, Nice to meet you also :)


Welcome, Kelly. If modern work involves a computer it usually involves a cubicle. This must be the modern office.  LOL

Yes it is :)

Welcome Kelly, You are among friends.

Thank you John

Welcome to the neighborhood Kelly.




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