Just posting a greeting to all on here and thanks for the welcomes from a few of you. I have known about Atheist Nexus for a long time and bizarrely thought I'd somehow registered ages ago but didn't check anything out much and thought I'd disappeared into the crowd! The mystery is-what did I sign up for? Ah, one's cyber footprint gets bigger and fuzzier everyday...what am I on? I've lost track. The various rebellious postings on threads where I've had angry mail straight to my in-box for months afterwards. I guess they get left there in perpetuity. A sort of verbal stoning that anyone can read as I like to use my real name as much as possible but on occasion (depending on the type of website!) will use a variety of usernames. Some a little too close to my own name than I'd wished. Googling myself now only makes me nervous. And I'm just a little person. Hoping to spread that footprint further with an atheist blog (with a twist) which I'm putting together. Slowly.


I was a little annoyed to discover Atheist Nexus if I'm honest. I found it because I was wondering about creating an atheist social network. I probably couldn't have afforded to do it alone but a few seconds of research and I was tripping over this place. Set up, off the mark and with offshoots all over the planet. I gave up immediately!

And if you're interested, take a look at -

London Atheist Meetup group

We have some great discussions. And arguments!

Anyway-Hi !! xx

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