I am so happy to have found this site! My husband is the only other atheist that I personally know. We lived in Mississippi for about 10 years and found many, many bible thumpers. We moved to Pennsylvania in July 2010 and I thought there would be more open minded people living here. Man, have I been disappointed. We are in conservative hell. I am an open, but not in-your-face kind of atheist. I really try hard not to smirk or snort when religion is the topic of conversation. I wouldn't want to offend! I've been lurking about the site for a few days and I really like what see. Please friend me if you like. I look forward to reading all of the past posts and to reading the posts from here on out.

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Jill, Hello and welcome.


My wife and I are from Bedford County, about an hour and a half east of you. We're both originally from Kittanning, just up RT66 from Greensburg. If you think Greensburg is bad, you should try the Bedford area. This county is about 70% - 75% republican and conservative as all hell.


I too try not to smirk when religion comes up, but usually I fail. I just hate to let stupidity go unchallenged!


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