My Name is Zach, and I am 18 years old.

I was born and raised in Ohio. During the age of seven I attended Fellowship Baptist Church till I was 14.

At FBC I was taught "Moral" values of Homosexuality, and Abortion (note sarcasm in moral).

Also I was taught about how "Evil" the theory of evolution was.

Over a period of time I came to relize the ideal bestowed on me by my childhood chapel were not my ideals. I opened my eyes to the scientific theory of evolution, and I saw how perfect it fits in with the world. With help from an Atheist friend I became an Atheist myself.


My hobbys are wildlife photography, posting on forums, hiking,  and practicing martial arts.


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Greetings, and welcome!

What martial arts forms? I studied Shotokan for a while, then switched to Ki-Aikido when I moved. Now unfortunately, lack of money or a dojo within a few hundred miles has kept me from it for a while. But it's still immensely fascinating to me!
I practice Moo Jung Gumdo, which is a korean sword art. I have been practicing it for 2.5 years now.
What is Shotokan?
Shotokan is a Japanese form of Karate.

Years ago, I asked my nephew who was a Tae Kwon Do instructor, for advice on what martial arts style might be best for me. I told him I'm not worried about what will give me the 'best' self defense, as I'm sure they're all more than adequate. I was interested in the emotional, physical, and philosophical discipline. An art; not just breaking boards.

His exact words: "Any of the Japanese styles. They'll work you into the ground, but it's worth it."

And he was right! Shotokan especially: Don't know if it's the style or just the specific instructor I had, but while some clases were quite easy, I left a few classes unsure if I'd be able to walk the next day. But it was the good kind of pain. A whole lot of pushing my body and skills far beyond what I ever imagined.

Really bummed that money and access to a decent dojo have not been on my side for several years now.
hi zach. i'm also 18 and new to this. :D
im from st louis, mo but im moving to terre haute, in in one month
Welcome Zachary.
Way to go Zach. I de-converted 65 years ago from Catholicism. No regrets. I am ready for 'the long sleep', which we all get, regardless of what we believe or want. Think you'd enjoy Mark Twains last two books-- on heaven. The Mysterious stranger & Letters from earth. Both very funny. All preachers should read them.
Wonderful to hear your story and welcome. You have a nice combination of hobbies and no questioning evolution would help you enjoy your photography and hiking far more. Ohio seems to be showing up a lot on these forums these days. That makes me happy, I have a good friend living down there.



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