Hello everyone, I'm new here and I am 26 and new to being an atheist as I was raised in a christian home and was taught to believe a certain way until I finally decided to start questioning things and I quit believing things based on faith and not fact. Needless to say I am pretty much shunned from my family although they never to cease to tell me that I am wrong.

I love reading, studying, being skeptical and learning.

It feels good to be around other people who won't judge me.

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Welcome to the forum Shawn. I have some bad news for you. Atheist may be more judgemental than any other group of people that I know of. The good news is "we tend to use criteria that are actually measurable for judging other people."

I will probably get nailed to the wall for speaking for someone other than my self. And, rightfully so! Feel free to jump in any topic. That is what keeps the forum going.

Thanks! And thats alright, as long as you guys discuss things I'm fine :D

Well I was raised pentecostal and I've been to baptists and went to revivals... And experienced people being baptised and talking in tongues and all that jazz. I still question what it is they are experiencing.

Thanks Debra, my mom hasnt shunned me but she doesnt like the decisions I've made about leaving religion. Its mostly my family like my uncles and aunts or they try to convert me and convince me that I'm wrong.

Welcome to us godless infidels, fellow apostate and heathen. Glad you're here Shawn. 

@Michael. I'm not going to nail you to anything. Last thing the world needs is another god. - LOL!

LOL! And thank you Pat, I appreciate it! :D

Welcome Shawn!

Thank you sooo much!

Greets and salutes, Shawn, we're glad you joined us!

Thanks! :D

Welcome  Shawn.

Thank you!




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