Hello everyone, I'm new here and I am 26 and new to being an atheist as I was raised in a christian home and was taught to believe a certain way until I finally decided to start questioning things and I quit believing things based on faith and not fact. Needless to say I am pretty much shunned from my family although they never to cease to tell me that I am wrong.

I love reading, studying, being skeptical and learning.

It feels good to be around other people who won't judge me.

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Good to have you, Shawn.  I judge you -- to be a bright, questioning young man unwilling to accept "because I say so" as an explanation for anything.  I'm sorry your family is behaving badly; sometimes that improves with time as they realize it's not a phase; you've decided to live your life according to reality.  Please feel free to read what anybody posts, and to comment upon it in whatever way makes sense to you.  I wish you a happy, faith-free life!

Thank you Jerry! I will def do that!

You're not alone, Shawn! I was also raised in a christian household. I abandoned faith when I was around 9 years old after reading an old book by David Attenborough, and also after reading the bible. I was home-schooled after the third grade, so I had a lot of free time to learn what I wanted to learn, and not what the public school system wanted me to learn. I'm proud to have you with us, and also to be a part of the fastest growing minority! :D

Dang!  You beat me by three years.  Just kidding!  

We home school our girls.  I was curious about your home school experience, and if you thought it was beneficial.

Well, the lack of friends growing up led to some social anxiety issues, but then I joined the army and got over most of that. As for the educational aspect, I'd say it went great. I scored so high on the pre-enlistment tests, that I could have had any job in the army... but my dumb-ass chose Infantry. :P

Welcome Shawn,

Welcome to the real world! It sucks your family are reacting like that but give it time, be forthright about your views with them and hopefully they will accept it. You may even start to open their minds up to questioning too.

Have fun with the site. You will disagree with as much as you agree with but hagving the argument is where half the fun is.



Welcome Shawn glad you found us.




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