I'm new on here...just thought Id introduce myself...22,,student studying paralegal.work at a grocery store....ex-catholic...family was marginally relgiious but were churhc going and i attended cahtolic schools through high school...I investigated every christian denom under the sun at 17 and almost became a mormon and jehovahs witness at points in time...at about 18 I gave up on religion and become cofmrotable with myself as an atheist...im not really outspoken and i havent ever exeprienced alot of harships or difficulty as far as relatives/friends or anything. Personally though, I was delighted to not fear toasting in hell....but I had a lot of personal issues because religion informed my everything...and especially it concerned me about future dating/marrige prospects being an atheist, and to be honest...I'm someone thats been around a lot of feminist and gender issue debate because of family members and friends and thios may sound insane but I found myself kind of depressed to be male. I was sturggling with school...I had anxiety disorders and OCD and it caused a lot of tension between my parents and me and evnetually i moved out of my house and worked full time and rented a poaartment with a friend...no cash of time for school and i was in a job i definitely didnt have any long term plans to stay in. I read a lot into the "rise of women" and end of men...theres plenty of media attnetion on how boys are falling behind in educaitona nd that the american economy is demanding people with skills and degrees that women are suceeding in and that men are not. I can't explain why but I felt like crap..esepcially considering the loss of my relgiion.  I never bought into the patriachial religious thing evne though i was a believer i never ever ever had a macho attitude or thought god gave men some elevated status...BUT...I felt like atleast God had a purpose for creating men and that men are built for a reason and have comsething to contribute to society. But after i lost my faith..although i was relieved at the abolition of the fear of hell from my thoughts...I felt like I was a member of a demographic that is destined to be outdone by the demands of the time. I was too stupid and hperactive and anxiety ridden...I wouldnt be able to get a decent job or even get married and have  family...because no woman would want to date beneath her eocnomically (who would blame them?) I eventually got some therapy and got my anxiety under control...i moved back home and things with parents are doing fine...and now im able to work part time while im pursuing an associates paralegal degree, and might work on bachelors in the future...but I still feel just left out and on my own...the idea that no one created me for anything and that im just a biological reality isnt exactly comforting...but then again..the same god i felt vindication of my value from also wanted to torture me forever in fire...so it was a trade off..but im trying to cope and make a life i can feel proud of..thats all i can do. thats my story.

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Well, welcome aboard . . . there are lots of interesting and peculiar folk here.

As for the story of your life, it is only beginning. You have the benefit of most of your life ahead without the blinkers of religion, unlike most like myself here.

Wow, what a choice, between the JW church and atheism. Glad you chose the right one. - James

haha yup...i really dodged a bullet there...hoenstly i think ia cutally enjoyed the tribalism though...with the JW's especially ive always been a kind of introvert but enjoyed a gropup of clsoe friends and i always loved theology/philosopy so getting into an insulated community seemd pretty cool to me at the time..but I just didnt believe...and some of the stuff they believed was hella cray..i did get pulled in with their ideas about no literal burning hell and that they were very anti-nationalist and fucntionally pacifists...but in the end i chose reason and logic...and I think despite any of my issues im happiest living in the confines of reality.

Welcome to the forum John!  There is no "end of men".  The "rise of women" is just an elevation to an equal status, which all humans deserve no matter what their race, creed, gender, or sexual orientation is.  If you observe closely, you will find that the leveling is nowhere near finished.  There is still much inequality in the world.  There will always be an inequality along some lines because we are not all the same.  I recommend lots of reading on different subjects in your spare time.  Sam Harris's "The Moral Landscape" is a good place to start.  By learning more about our world and how people think, you will be able to effect a greater control of the direction you go in life.

I totally agree that equality is a great goal...but honestly if u look at some of the statistics...i think its torubling..boys really are falling behind..and im not eager to blame that on a feminsit conspriacy...being an atheist im someone that really has a mentalist of "Just tell me the truth..ima  adult and i need to handle it"....ya know...maybe boys are just dumber...i hate that idea and i dont like that im kinda late getting on my college experience but that could be the case...im glad women are doing well..im just sad guys are keeping up and even more sad at the idea that i wont be financially appealing to women (and i dont blame women for this..but truth is ive found...women are not as willing to marry below themselves economically)...All i can do is stay in school and do my best...

Thanks!  I was on zolfot for a while but i didnt think it seemed to help majorly and i would forget to take it all the time...so i jsut quit..my symptoms were very diverse at tdifferent times...before deciding against belief in god i had very religiously mtoivated obssessions and compulsions (i would balsphemous intrusive thoughts and then would attempt to pray them away etc...)...i had more germphobic one later on...after moving out of my parents house for about a year...which was laregly due to friction between me and my parents, i had time to relax and ween myself off of the behavior...i still sometimes overwash my hands..especially at work..but things got a lot better for me...although as you might tell from my intro..i still have obsessions about being inferior..especially in regards to women etc..but i definitely know OCD...ill probably always have a few issues but im moving along okay i think.

"...i still have obsessions about being inferior..especially in regards to women"

Take it from an ol’ geezer and long time atheist, John,

women are superior.  Waaaaay superior. 

And, frequent washing of one’s hands is a perfectly rational behavior, especially during flu season.   Most communicable diseases are passed from hand to mouth, so you’re ok there too.

Sounds like you have a fairly reasonable grasp of reality.  You’re fine John, just fine. Keep up your good work, relax, toss the pharmaceuticals (perhaps not a good idea), come on up to Colorado and have a smoke.  (...”God’s own”, you know :-)   fewer side effects too.)

Best wishes to you for a happy and productive new year.


Thanks...but honestly i think the fact that we often joke (i hope ur joking) about women being better than men is indicative with something wrong with society.

Well, John, if you think for one minute that I haven’t thought about this a lot during my long life, or was joking, you are mistaken.

Why do you think women are kept barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen, or shrouded, or were kept from voting, or are the objects of polygamy, primogeniture exclusion, victims of glass ceilings, and, for the most part, historically excluded from high political or religious positions of power?  

When you think about it there is only one answer: testosterone and its resulting physical advantage.

The mental, social, psychological, intellectual, and moral superiority of women is hard to argue against.  

Why do you think Neanderthals like Rush Limbaugh still rant and rage against the feminist movement?

In all the ways that advance the common good of civilization, the stability of households, families, neighborhoods, education, social interaction, civility, measured contemplation, mediation, and just plain common sense, women, in my experience, have consistently demonstrated superiority.   

Women are the reason we have any kind of civilization in the first place.  

My life has always been enhanced when I’ve  deferred to the judgment of a woman. 

And my attitude ain't what's wrong with society.

Welcome John.





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