Hello everybody . First , i am sorry about my bad english . İ am trying to improve it but still not good . İ hope , i will speak fluently one day :D . 

İ am from Ankara , Turkey . İ was a muslim one year ago . İ was so confused . İ was not sure about islam . İ started to think it is not true religion . Actually all religion is not true . But my family have taught me islam is a correct and qruan is sent by Allah .They are very sure . But i wasn't .

Anyway , i decided to learn other religion , evolution , and how universe can create itself . İ learned so many thing  . And i understand there is no god . İ dont believe any god anymore . There is so many thing we still cant figure out but it doesn't mean there is god and God did things we dont understand . 

Now, i am an atheist .  İ didn't tell you everything . Because , i cant explain everything that i want to tell about . sorry about that . 

Lastly , i am so happy to be here . Thanks everbody . İ love you . 

Best wishes ! 

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