While raised RCC, around the time I as a child of 8 drew the comparison between santa and god.

Beardy bloke in the sky? Check.

Can be everywhere at once? Check.

Watches you in every waking minute and strangely every sleeping minute? Check.

Dishes out rewards and punishments on strangely arbitrary bases? Check.

Has a body of literature which is not self-consistent? Check.

And so forth.

So here I am, a godless heathen of decades.

All I can say for sure is that the godly don't much like it, and while I am gentle with the godly as a rule (they tend to have invested), I am not so tender with the nutjobs.

My patience has limits.

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Hello and welcome!  The religious folks who surround me are fairly innocuous, but I do try to get in my subtle (not so subtle?) jabs when I can.  Like you, I have no tolerance for nutjobs.

Hope you enjoy being here!   

I shall endeavour to try to do so. Ta for the welcome.

Welcome to A|N from another happily retired Catholic. In about 6th or 7th grade I started thinking God's kind of an asshole.

That happens. I ditched the loon claims before I reached double digits, then as a teen, some fundie challenged me to read the holey babble cover to cover and then I would naturally become a christian, so I did. And I didn't, in that order.

Greets and salutes, Abaddon.  About your comparison, the one thing I notice is that the guy in the red suit won't condemn you to eternal torture for not believing in him.  Meantime, how confused is a situation where the other guy makes an unmarried teen give birth to himself so he can torture and kill himself to atone for a situation he created in the first place?

I swear, that second one positively makes me dizzy!

I like Abbadon's comparison. Santa is kind of like a "god primer" but believers have a fit if you figure it out.

Loren, can I use your words next time the Baptists come to my door?

the other guy makes an unmarried teen give birth to himself so he can torture and kill himself to atone for a situation he created in the first place?

That sounds so cool and is exactly what you would expect from the Sheep and Goat Herders Guide to the Galaxy.

Oh, it's much better that that. 

Santa has millions of people worldwide who sincerely believe in him. What's that you say? Mr God botherer? Those are just children?. Great now you have claimed that children are not people.

Santa has actual physical evidence as actual presents arrive under the tree. God does not do that. And besides, both God and Santa hate African kids so at least some consensus has been reached.

Every year, NORAD actually tracks Santa on his worldwide faster than light whirlwind tour of earth. NORAD has never tracked any god from anywhere doing anything.

In short, there is a crapton of evidence and millions of believers of the physically evidenced Santa, and a crapton of believers in god who has not a single tangible effect on anything.

For an encore I can do the Tooth Fairy. Turns out it is a franchise much like Starbucks.

Le sigh. One b two d's.

My name is an affront to the lunatic fringe, so best I explain.

Abaddon is the Angel of the Abyss, the gatekeeper of Hell as illustrated in Rev 9:11. from the bible.

I have used that handle for so long that I have no clue who I am actually annoying at this point.

Want me to explain that? Sure. No problem. That's easy.

It's because...



What the hey it's a holy mystery and stop asking questions, LOL


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