I am a very open person with my atheism. So I find it funny that it took me so long to realize that there must be a social networking sight dedicated to atheism or anti-theism. So I did a quick google search and here I am! I am very excited to be here and hope to become a very avid user and contributer to many discussions and topics. I cant wait to connect with more people who feel the way I do. I personally have a negative view on religion due to what it causes people to do and how it takes advantage over the naive. I personally have a very 'Richard Dawkins' view on the religious, and believe we need to stop being so nice. But enough of my opinions, I might make enemys before I fully engage myself into this website. So hello everyone! Send me some comments and friend requests if you would be willing to help me navigate this site better. Thanks!

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Welcome fellow newbie.

I just mentioned this in another thread, that I am w you on thinking it best not to show theism more respect than it deserves. I try and be respectful to the theist, but not their theism.
Thats exactly how I feel. I respect that everyone has the right to believe what they want, and unless brought up, I won't go looking for a dispute. But something really needs to be done, because its getting scary what these people are doing.




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