I am originally from Mississippi, and I still live here. I was raised southern baptist, and I also attended a "christian" school. I broke ties with my religion about 3 or 4 years ago and I just read Why are Atheists so Angry by Greta Christina, great book, and It had website listings at the end and this was one of them. I just recently moved and I am finding it hard to find new friends. I was fortunate enough to have come in contact with other heathens in the city that I moved from and bring some to the dark side, but other than religious functions, there isn't really a whole lot of other places to meet new people. I do have a roomate, but unfortunately she is a christian literalist, odds caught up to me, and it is quite a headache sometimes. I find most of her thoughts to be copy and paste, and when I challenge her on it(in a respectful way) she just gets mad drops the conversation, and the conversations are not religious ones, I already know where that would go, and I really don't feel like hearing bible verses in a logical conversations and her telling me how god thinks( how she thinks god thinks). So as far as intelligent conversation and non-bible based logic , I'm turning to the internet to fill that need. 

Overall she is a good person and is very respectful though, We did get drunk one night and kind of talk about it, so she knows that I'm not christian and has invited me to church several times, but I respectfully decline. I think I planted the seed of doubt, but she seems to cling to easy answers and regurgitate what others say, I highly doubt she develops any reasoning anytime soon. 

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