Born and raised in Egypt, I'm an ex muslim, was a skeptic since i was a kid but I used to try and not think about it too much and till one day I decided fuck it and did some research.

Why I left Islam?

Islam like all or most other religions is full of hatred, violence, full of logical fallacies, and is based on faith not facts

I'm a closet Atheist, and currently no one knows, I don't plan on telling anyone soon because that will result, in me being rejected by the community, i'd lose all or most of my friends, plus it's punishable by law!

I'm currently still in HS, I took up the american system of schooling.

I dream that one day I'd leave Egypt to live in a country where I don't have to pretend that I'm a muslim, and can practice my religious views freely, so any advice on how i'd go on about doing that will be appreciated, I really want to live in norway lol

I hope to make some friends here,  and it's nice to meet you all :)

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Howdy there.
Well, at least here you don't have to pretend you're a Muslim.

Good to meet you as well.
We are certainly glad to have you join us. Welcome aboard.
Welcome, Anon,

You write English very well, so I assume you speak it very well too. You can work many places in the world teaching English as a second language. Take the Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) course and exam and, with your credentials, you can easily find a job just about anywhere. ESL is even taught to immigrants in the U.S. and elsewhere. If you are fluent in English, or if English is your native language, you can command a higher salary and the pay is relatively good.

As for Islam and your (secret) ex-Muslim status, I wish that Western apologists for Islam had more experience with people like you. You're more credible because of your Islamic background. Too many people have strong feelings about the benevolence of Islam when, in fact, they've never read the Quran, been in a Muslim country or performed independent research on Islamic history. Many atheists are included among these apologists. Many atheists, because of their liberal, tolerant, humanitarian bent, want to be inclusive in their politics and worldview. However, inclusion for inclusion's sake does not take into account that Islam doesn't want inclusion. Islam is all about exclusivity . . . a worldwide umma bowing to Mecca.

I'd better stop before I forget that you simply posted an introduction. I admire anybody who can shake off the dogma of religion . . . whether they be Christian, Jew or Muslim. Welcome aboard.
The funny thing about the Western apologists is the talk of cultural imperialism when a Western person has a problem with Islam. What about when an ex-Muslims says the same exact thing? If a Westerner is telling someone from a Muslim country, someone who's lived it, "no, your religion is a religion of peace", that's just as culturally imperialist.
I think calling that particular case: a Westerner is telling someone from a Muslim country, someone who's lived it, "no, your religion is a religion of peace"
calling that culturally imperialist is being very polite :)
Good on you mate. I live in a country where I am free to bash religion as much as I like (not that I go around doind that, I just mean that there would be few consequences if I did)
I can't imagine how difficult it must be to be an atheist in a Muslim community.
I would think that education is probably the most obvious route to getting out but in truth I don't know much about it. I hope you manage to get out.
Congratulations. It takes much more bravery for someone in a Muslim country to reject religion and I have admiration for anyone who does.
Michael,Egypt is one of the most liberal countries in the middle east, we're allowed to drink and thats saying something.

well honestly they'll leave you alone as long as you're not involved in politics or start to criticize other religions, the situation about that is unclear

They can either charge you with bashing religions which would be jail time, or in extreme cases but i think it never happened they'd charge you with apostasy, and that's A death sentence
hi there :)

Nice to have you here you should check out this group on Atheist Nexus

also , check out this site i got referred to it by someone here .

Most of the ex muslims i met here and in general keep their opinions to themselves. and discuss it on forums and such. for me personally, i don't have a support group to help me come out . say if i was married with children and had obviously declared myself an atheist before getting into the marriage i would feel more free to be open about it . but as of now im surrounded by muslims. so what i have to say will only cause awkwardness. this might be the place to meet new friends and surround myself in an atmosphere that allows me to talk about it in preparation for coming out later . i dont intend to be a closet atheist for life !

ps. welcome :)
Hello there.

Pretty much the same life story.




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