Hello from London. I started questioning the existence of all powerful deities while at school, a Catholic school. The more stuff they tried to indoctrinate me with, the more I seemed to question it. Even at that young age I could see what they were teaching us didn't add up. I would say I have held an atheist perspective on life since the age of about nine or ten.

I suppose I'm lucky in that I live in a country where it seems the majority of the people I come into contact with, seem to hold the similar view regarding the existence of a god, that it's just an antiquated system designed by man to control man, nothing more, nothing less.

If I could say one good thing about my Catholic school education, that would be that all my friends from those days are atheists too, so if anything, my particular Catholic school seems a very good vehicle for producing the opposite of what they hoped for.

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Thank you.
You should try the seminary if you want to know just how inane catholic theology really is.
I think I'll give it a miss thanks, Eight years of attempted brainwashing from 5 to 13 years old was enough for me. Certain memories from back then still make me shudder.
Hi and welcome to A|N. Your experience mirrors my own, catholic education just made me see how ludicrous the whole belief in a god is. I'm a Brit too and also find that religion just doesn't play that big a role in my life. Even amongst family members who are still 'of the faith', it is such an inconsequential part of their lives.

I hope you get to meet some like-minded people here. This site certainly opens your eyes.
Hello Ann and thank you. I must get that picture of the chimpanzee changed on my avatar too!

Were you taught by nuns & priests?
As a good catholic girl, I was in a single sex secondary school. I was taught by the notoriously nasty Notre Dame nuns. Not all my teachers were nuns, but the ones who were, made up for it.
I was lucky enough only to have penguins in my last year, but my sister had them for two years and she said they were a horrible bunch. We also had a priest called father Scanlon, I can only describe him as a complete bastard.

It's such a shame though, but for all the god nonsense it was a very good school. I was an altar boy for a year, I realised that if I did that I'd get out of two whole lessons on a Wednesday morning. It's a good illustration of where their priorities lay though.

Have you spread the word of father Ted perchance? I always say to people that if you didn't go to a catholic school you have no idea how close that program is to the truth!
While you were getting indoctrinated at a Catholic school, I was in a British COE school being brainwashed with their brand of silliness. Fortunately I came through with a solid set of A-levels in the sciences and a skepticism that might best be called rude and scornful.

If we had followed the intended mind control programs, we might now be hurling stones at one another over street barricades. Anyone in any doubt that such a thing could happen might be well informed by examining "the troubles" in Northern Ireland that were still raging as I took flight to the US.
Funny you mention NI, there was a gun battle with police there the other night and they found a 400lb car bomb outside a police station too, luckily only the detonator exploded. Dangerous thing this peace process.




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