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This is Arp here. I am an Indian. I was born in a Hindu family. As I grew up, I found the Hindu beliefs quite ridiculous and also discriminatory, harmful and evil (especially the caste system).

You would imagine, I became an atheist then. Not really. I became an irreligious theist! I didn't have any comprehensive argument in favour of how this complex world could be possible without a creator. Of course, that was because of my ignorance. I didn't have access to the internet until a few years ago. Before my access to the internet, I didn't really have a source to quickly find answers to my questions as they arose.

Even when I started using the internet, the thought about exploring the existence of God never really occurred to me, and I find that quite strange now!

I went to a Christian missionary school. I learned about what the Christian dogmas are. Found them as ridiculous as the Hindu ones, if not more. It was a Roman Catholic school. I find the Eucharist thing really awkward and outright funny!

I found my atheism about a 5-6 months ago, and tell you what, I never had a more enlightened view of the world. My influences have been Sam Harris, and Austin Cline's blog

I'm extremely disappointed about the fact that India doesn't recognize atheism. Atheists aren't counted in Indian census. Although India states that it is a secular state, it really isn't. In the Indian context, the meaning of the word "secular" has been distorted. India promotes all religion equally, and I find that shocking! Being an atheist in India is like a fish out of water.

I wonder how can India progress with this kind of stupidity!

Would like to hear your views.

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Thank you Patricia!

Welcome, Arpan.  You might be surprised to find that many on this site left the religion of their birth, but tried several others before realizing how silly they are are.  And yes, Catholic cannibalism is disgusting.  I hope you'll feel free to express yourself on this site; I will enjoy hearing from you.

Thank you Jerry! It is disgusting indeed!

Hello Arpan, I just joined this site yesterday (I believe you did too by chance!) so I'm quite new.

I was raised in a Christian (protestant) family but I never was really into it. Throughout college my ties with religion kept decreasing. Finally last summer before my senior year I admitted to myself that I don't believe in any god. Especially the christian one. I knew that I didn't really believe in him but I just couldn't admit. I was still a little scared of the what if. But several months later and here I am. I've never been happier and the world makes more sense to me. I've become fascinated with atheism as a whole within the last few months. There aren't too many especially where I'm from (the bible belt of the American south). I'm quite disappointed that of all the 1st world developed countries the US is among the most religious. But it slowly is getting better. 

I will write a blog post in future on this issue, atheists not being recognized in India. I hope you will like it.

I agree, the Internet has liberated us. Information is now at hand.

India sounds a bit dangerous for Atheists so I would be careful. If you don't mind me asking, to which caste were you born ? How does this affect your outlook ?

Well, I find it difficult to explain because to be honest India sounds a lot more stupid than dangerous. In India we do have caste system still prevalent and we also don't have caste system anymore. Like, X exists and also X doesn't exist. It defies logic.

I don't know in which caste I was born. I didn't affect my outlook in any way. My parents don't know much about Hinduism at all. My mom knows quite a bit, but my Dad isn't much aware. But practically, my family is more like polytheists than Hindus.

If you are interested, I suggest you read this essay: Why I'm not a Hindu - Ramendra Nath

welcome Arp.  Can't wait to read you blog.

Hey John, thanks. I will write as soon as I can.


Welcome to Nexus!  It will be great to hear your perspectives here.  

All to often, we see the ill effects of christianity, islam, and judaism here.  I imagine Hinduism is just as bad.

I hope you post often.


Hi Daniel, thanks for the welcome.

To tell you the truth, in certain ways Hinduism is much more liberal than the Abrahamic religions. But in many other ways, it is probably more cruel than any other religion on the planet.

The idea of religion is evil by itself. No religion can be good, because religion, by definition, discourages free thought, free will and of free inquiry.

I posted a link above to an essay on Hinduism, you can read that if you are interested.

Arp, even though I understand that the caste system is no longer legal - is that true? - it was a very cruel system.  Not at all humane.

Then there is, or was, purdah, and sati.   Even so, I think it would be difficult to beat christianity and islam as being the most cruel.

I know there are a lot of superstitions, still.

I agree with you, religion is evil by itself.  

I'll have to read the link.

I do confess, some day I would like to visit India and see temples and religious practices.  I went to China and visited Buddhist temples.  That was a very moving experience.




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